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‘&pictures’ will launch with value partners

Among the partners who have been brought on board are P&G (Oral B and Pantene), Vini Cosmetics and Hindustan Unilever (Axe)

‘&pictures’ will launch with value partners

Among the partners who have been brought on board are P&G (Oral B and Pantene), Vini Cosmetics and Hindustan Unilever (Axe)

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | August 16, 2013 

With the unique value proposition being offered to the channel’s advertisers, ‘&pictures’ is adding another first to its kitty. While others search for sponsors and advertisers, ’&pictures’ has brought on board exclusive channel partners to collaborate with the channel on the journey of its launch. Among the partners who have been brought on board are P&G (Oral B and Pantene), Vini Cosmetics and Hindustan Unilever Limited (Axe).

These value partners have a special partner status across all communication mediums of &pictures – be it on-air or off air communication. During the first 45 days of the launch of ‘&pictures’, all of the inventory on the channel will be shared between these value partners.

Ashish Sehgal

Ashish Sehgal, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd (ZEEL) Chief Sales Officer, said, “We are offering our value partners a clutter-free environment wherein the viewers are a very specific set of the target audience that they wish to speak to. This is a premium offering from the bouquet of ZEEL that allows for a premium advertiser association. We had successfully explored a differentiated revenue stream during the launch of Zee Bangla Cinema wherein we had just one sponsor at the time of launch. With ‘&pictures’, we decided to modify the approach by bringing on a few exclusive value partners for the channel instead of just one. These partners have given us their vote of confidence and they will continue to receive preferential treatment from the channel at all times. This will surely create a unique value for our partners. With this association, we are elevating our commitment to developing a deep, long term relationship with them every step of the way as we launch ‘&pictures’."

Ali Zaidi

Ali Zainul Abedeen Zaidi, ZEEL, Cinema Cluster Head, AD Sales, added, “In a country that is obsessed with cricket and Bollywood, the launch of ‘&pictures’ allows us to offer clients a complete cinema package which appeals to every possible segment of film enthusiasts. While Zee Cinema has mass appeal to viewers across all genres, Zee Classic reaches out to cinema lovers with an appreciation for vintage and evergreen films. Zee Premiere & Action are digital offerings to niche audiences, and ‘&pictures’ is a premium channel that speaks to audiences who are ambitious yet rooted. Zee now becomes a one-stop shop for advertisers who consume cinema as a genre.”

Talking about their association with ‘&pictures’, Darshan Patel, Chairman & MD, Vini Cosmetics and Dipam Patel, Joint Managing Director, Vini Cosmetics, said, “Our association with ZEEL has been a long standing one and we have never been disappointed. It gives us great pleasure to associate with a young vibrant brand like ‘&pictures which reaches out to the emerging class of Indians who are high achievers yet have not lost sight  of their rich Indian heritage, so it is a great brand fit for us.”

Binu Ninan, Brand Manager, Pantene and Ritu Mittal, Brand Manager, Oral-B, both Procter & Gamble brands, commented, "We at P&G are proud to be associated with '&pictures' as it embodies the best qualities of both our brands, Oral-B and Pantene. Through the years, Pantene and Oral B have enhanced the lifestyle of people to make it better and healthier. Pantene and Oral B value this opportunity to get in touch with their consumers and recognise the importance of the right content and the right context to reach consumers. We have found that our consumers judge our brands by the company they keep and with '&pictures' reaching out to the evolving Indian mindset that is ambitious yet in touch with their roots, we believe we will have the attention of the right audience for our brands. We look forward to this partnership with '&pictures' and are excited about the launch of the channel.”

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