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Britannia Cheese sings ‘Yeh cheese badi hai mast mast, yeh cheese badi hai swast’

Campaign by McCann Erickson not only focuses on the goodness of cheese but also pushes it for inclusion in everyday meals

Sohini Sen | Mumbai | August 21, 2013

Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Britannia Cheese has come up with a campaign to showcase the goodness of cheese and to make it a part of everyday, regular Indian diet. The TVC, conceptualised by McCann Erickson, which will be releasing on August 23, 2013, is the first time a communication has been adopted for the Britannia cheese brand. The ad film focuses both on nutritional benefit – cheese being full of protein, vitamin A and calcium – and how to make it a part of the regular Indian diet, instead of cheese being a part of the unhealthy or fattening take-out menus.

Ashok Namboodiri, Head of Britannia Dairy Products, said, “Cheese in Western countries is a part of the everyday meal with extremely high per capita consumption. It is part of manifold consumption occasions and is perceived as being full of nutrition. In India, however, cheese is largely slotted as a taste enhancer often associated with fast food and thereby perceived as fattening. Britannia wants to break this myth and talk about the wholesome goodness of cheese. The basic proposition of ‘a glass of cow’s milk in every slice’ is now taken to the next level by positioning Britannia Cheese as a rich nutritious food packed with calcium, protein and vitamins, and communicated in a popular Indian idiom that is both engaging as well as entertaining.”

The 35-second TVC has been shot in a supermarket where a mother is seen shopping with her young son. The son finds two packets of Britannia Cheese and urges his mother to buy it. However, the mother dismisses the plea as she views cheese as unhealthy and fattening. The boy then starts singing 'Yeh cheese badi hai mast mast, yeh cheese badi hai swast' to the tune of a popular Bollywood song. As the boy goes on to enunciate the goodness of Britannia Cheese, more children in the supermarket join him and the song ends with the amused mother agreeing to buy the packets of cheese. The TVC ends with both of them enjoying a cheese sandwich while the mother continues to hum the song under her breath.

Anil Thomas, Regional Creative Director, McCann Erickson, pointed out, "Although cheese is healthy and nutritious, it’s somehow perceived to be not so in India because of its association with pizza, etc. Kids love the taste of cheese. With one glass of cow’s milk – Britannia Cheese is probably the only cheese made with cow’s milk – and not to mention the omnipresent protein, vitamins and calcium, makes it the best way to have a glass of milk. An education of sorts was quickly needed – to do a song and dance about its virtues. Kids donning the role of teachers, we thought, would be interesting. And using a popular song of yore, ‘Yeh cheese badi hain mast mast…’ to drive it through popular culture was something we felt was needed.”

The TVC:



Creative Agency: McCann Erickson

National Creative Director: Prasoon Joshi

Regional Creative Director: Anil Thomas

Creative Directors: Vinod Lal, Neel Roy

Creative Art: Neel Roy

Creative Copy: Vinod Lal

Account Management: Anupama Bhimrajka, Manjunath Rudrachar

Account Planning: Jitender Dabas, Phalgun Reddy

Production House: Cocounut Films

Director: Kamlesh Soni


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