ASCI upholds complaints against 144 out of 174 ads in June 2013

Upholds complaints three online ads and a HUL ad on YouTube. Health and Personal Care category tops list of contravening ads

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ASCI upholds complaints against 144 out of 174 ads in June 2013 

Upholds complaints three online ads and a HUL ad on YouTube. Health and Personal Care category tops list of contravening ads

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | August 26, 2013

publive-imageIn June 2013, ASCI's Consumer Complaints Council (CCC) upheld complaints against 144 ads. Most of the misleading ads were from the health and personal care category followed by education sector. For the first time ever, ASCI has also tracked and upheld complaints against4 online advertisements, out of which one is an advertisement of Hindustan Unilever on the YouTube Channel.

ASCI, through the National Advertising Monitoring Service (NAMS), has already started post tracking of advertisements in print and TV against which complaints are upheld.   Initial tracking results show overall there is 90% compliance from advertisers on ASCI's decisions.

Health and Personal Care

The CCC found the following claims in 58 health and personalcare product or service ads released in the press to be either misleading or false or not adequately/scientifically substantiated and hence violating Chapter I of the ASCI Code. Some of the health care products or services ads also contravened provisions of the Drug & Magic Remedies Act. Complaints against the following ads were UPHELD –

  • Hindustan Unilever: The advertisement of Sun Silk Perfect Straightthat appeared online on theYouTubechannel shows that 'a girl packing/selecting all her hair straightening equipment and her friend telling her about a shampoo that can keep the hair perfectly straight after attending a gym session,party or even in other situations'.
  • Jalan Healthcare: The advertisement claims that one can 'Lose upto 11 kgs in 3 weeks with a written money back guarantee'. They further claim that 'No excuses, no condition, no asterix; our solution: no diet, no exercise, and no weight gain even after you stop the  treatment as they correct  your metabolism with homeopathy'.
  • Keya Seth Aromatherapy: The advertisement of Keya Seth Alopex Penta claimed that 'it can stop hair fall', 'it makes every hair strand stronger and longer, five times faster than any other solution'.
  • Charak Aushdhalay: The advertisement claimed that Charak Aushadhalay 'provides correct treatment of STD, piles, impotence, premature ejaculation, nightfall,  inseminal disorders, less sperms, childlessness, white or red water, etc & stubborn diseases'.
  • Zee Laboratories: The advertisement of Virgin Again Gel claimed that the 'Vagina tightening and rejuvenating gel improves muscle tone'.
  • Prem Henna: The advertisement claimed that Nisha Natural Henna Colour is 'India's first Ayurvedic base natural hair colour which contains Henna, Amla, Shikakai, Hibiscus &Aloevera'
  • Slim Care Herbal Products: The advertisement claimed that Slim fast capsule and powder is the 'new ultra slim fast capsule and powder that makes you slim and smart with no exercise, no side effects, no dieting'.
  • Om Sivasakthi Pachilai Vaidhyasalai: The advertisement claimed that it provides 'permanent solutions for diseases like Aids, weakness in sex, ulcer, paralysis and cancer through their leaf herbal treatment',  'stone in kidneys will be diluted within one day by taking medicine only once', 'diabetes will be controlled within 90 days'.
  • Dabur India: The Fem Turmeric Herbal Bleach claimed that it is a 'herbal, mild & ammonia free bleach'.
  • Johnson & Johnson: The Johnson's Baby Natural Massaging Oil claimed that the 'oil helps in 47% more weight gain'.
  • Reckitt Benckiser (India): The Mortein Naturguard advertisement shows 'a lady spraying an unbranded pest control spray covering her mouth and nose with family and the dogs staying out door. However when she sprays MorteinNaturguard she is not covering her mouth and the family is happily playing in the room. The ad makes it appear as if the product is very safe, does not have any chemicals and is of natural ingredients.
  • AdinathAyurvedic Research Centre: The advertisementof Adinath Capsule claimed thatthis capsule 'removes unwanted fats and gives proper shape to your body, gets rid of swollen, loose fatty body and tones it up with no side effects. By using this capsule you can see the reduction of unwanted fats in stomach, waist and hips by yourself. It is anayurvedic herbal capsule which leaves you withno weakness, no wrinkles.'
  • Medikom Healthcare: The advertisement of 18 Plus Slimming Capsulesclaims that it 'reduces obesity in just one course. It has no side effects'.
  • Ajit Ayurved: The advertisement ofAjit Range of Products claims that it is the 'most effective ayurvedic medicine till now for high blood pressure'. 'One can consume B.P. Cure churna and see the effect in 15 days'. 'It reduces the threat of heart attack to a large extent, helps to get rid of body heat and thins the blood'. 'This medicine is very effective in the early stage of high B.P. This medicine is completely ayurvedic and has no side effect'. 'One course of Heart Win capsule not just provides strength to heart and body by removing all weakness but also successfully helps to avoid heart surgery.'
  • Sanjivani Naturals: The advertisement of Sanjivani Naturals claims that it 'helps counter obesity by reducing 10-16 kgs within 3 months in a completely natural manner.'
  • Bhagwan Mahavir Heart Centre: The advertisement claims that 'treats heart blockages and angina with American technique without any bypass and angioplasty at a lower cost.'
  • Spanking Products: The advertisement claims that Hair Growth 'stops hair fall in 10 days, dandruff in 5 days and increases hair growth in 30 days with 100% guarantee'.
  • Shuklas Vesaj Suraksha: The advertiser claims that at Shukla's Ayurvedic Treatment Centre 'will heal different health problems in 7 days. Hair problems like alopecia, pigmentation, vitiligo, white patches and eczema will also be cured within 7 days.
  • Oro Herbal & Food Products: The advertisement of Oro Sperm Count claims that 'itincreases the sperm count in just three days and it gives vital power that helps to maintain normal sexual performance. 6 bottles of Oro Sperm Count are enough for healthy sperm productivity.'
  • Sneha IVF & Fertility Centre: The advertisement claims that it'provides complete treatment for infertility.  One can fulfil your desire to have children.'
  • SX-Plus Gold Churna and Oil: The advertisement claims that SX - Plus Gold ChurnaAnd Oil has a miraculous power. It ends impotency from its roots.  It is a reasonably priced product of North America and Canada's popular HICI Co. It also Increases length and thickness of penis.'
  • Dr Aroras Clinic: As per the advertisement it claims that Dr Aroras Clinic was awarded India's Best Doctor 2013 for outstanding work in the field of sexology. Indian Health Organization accredited.'
  • Dhanvantari Ayurvedic Hospital: The advertisement claims that they can help 'cure tumour, cancer, kidney stones, paralysis. Patients who have been unsuccessful with trying all types of medicines should contact once for ayurvedic treatment'.
  • American Cosmetic Clinic: The advertiser claims that it isthe 'Sub Branch of American Institute of Aesthetics and Medical Sciences (USA).'
  • The Himalaya Drug Company: In the advertisement of Himalaya Complete Care Toothpaste, the TVC opens with a message of importance of `anti-oxidant' having health benefits.  The commercial further communicates that anti-oxidant not only kills the germs but also removes toxins and further strengthen the gums and teeth and then, ultimately, the commercial concludes with a message that it is much more than gum protection. The pack of the toothpaste claims that the 'use of the product would lead to 0% dental problems.  This claim is linked with an apteryx which states 'with regular brushing, Himalaya Herbals range of Herbal toothpastes help prevent common dental problems related to gum and teeth and helps to achieve 0% dental problems'.
  • NalamVivek Clinic: The advertisement claims thatit is 'World's No.1 ayurveda eye drop medicine for all types of eye problems'. Visual implies gettingrid of spectacles.Kidney stone will get cured in 5 Days treatment without the need of operation. Hearing blocks will be cured without operation.
  • Emami Limited: Zandu Sonachandi Chyawanprash in their TVC claimed that 'Only Sonachandi Chyawanprash contains gold which provides immunity and silver keeps the mind sharp'
  • Madhavbaug Sane Care: Sane Care Range Product in their print ad claimed 'Sane care nano gel gets rid of fat'.
  • Aura Health Care & Education in their print ad claimed 'No need of medicines, tablets, no side effects, no unnecessary expenses',   'Get rid of heart attack, diabetes, uterus problems through acupuncture treatment'.
  • Lupin Ltd: Lupin Asli Power Musli capsule in their print ad claimed it helps 'improve vitality, stamina and energy'.
  • SP Pharma: SP Pharma product range in their print ad claimed that 'U – Like – Breast cream or oil and capsules. Size and shape of breasts',  'Panji hair oil and capsule stops baldness',  'Maharaja gold capsule and oil – for time, vigor and size. Weakness due to aging and diabetes'.
  • Marico Ltd: Livon Hair Gain Tonic in their print ad claimed 'Increase your hair growth with the Latest Hair Gain Formula- Livon Hair Gain Tonic'.
  • Ag Herbs (Singapore): In their print advertisement they claimed that it helps control the bladder naturally.
  • KeshPari Oil Capsule & Hair Wash in their print ad claimed that it provides 2 times healthy, strong and dense hair forms the roots.
  • SM Dawakhana in their print ad claimed that their medicine can cure leucoderma may it be old or recent and change it into the colour of your original skin.
  • Zafar Shafakhana in their print ad claimed that it provides a sure cure for physical weakness, Dhat  and night fall.
  • Ayurved Health Care in their print ad claimed 'Lose weight 100% in just Rs.4999/- 3 to 10 inch in 1 month',  'No crash dieting/ no exercise', 'Once you reduce weight, it will not increase',  'No side effects'.
  • Ayurnidanam Ayurvedic & Panchkarma Clinic: Claimed in their print ad claimed that it cures Sexual problems in males like premature ejaculation, stop in sperm generation, no sperm count, swapna vicar, pre and post marital sexual problems with the help of Ayurveda and Panchkarma.
  • Men's Health Clinic in their print ad claimed that it provides treatment for all types of sex related problems like premature ejaculation, impotency, low erection, semen in urine, night fall, low sperm count, weakness due to agedness and sugar.
  • Satyajit Ltd: Larkspur Hair Vitalise, in their print ad claimed that it stops hair fall in 10 days.
  • Dr. Animeshs Homeopathy: In their print ad claimed that 'it provides permanent treatment of leucoderma'.
  • Raj Dawakhana: Their advertisement claimed that they 'provide permanent solution for all types of sexual problems like semen in urine, night fall, premature ejaculation, small, thin and lose personal organ'.
  • Hercules Healthcare: The advertisement of Long Looks Height Gain Capsuleclaimed that it 'World's first invention and helpful in physical development'.
  • TV- Mall: The TVC of Fair Look Cream show the photographs of some faces which were absolutely black and then they are showing fair faces to claim that they became fair after using the product.
  • Pavizham Healthier Diet: The TVC of Pavizham Refined Rice Bran Oil claimed that it 'protects from cancer and cholesterol'.
  • AmbicAyurve: Hopeliv DS Tablets/Syrup: Their ad claimed that it 'makes liver strong and fit', 'License to drink'.
  • Shanti Ano Rectal Hospital &Kshar Sutra Centre: In their print advertisement, they claimed that it 'provides treatment of piles and fistula without operation with advanced machines and get discharged within one hour.'
  • Green Remedies Ayur Med Divis: Gramd Patlu Syrup, in their advertisement claimed that one can 'consume Patlu to reduce weight and fat. By consuming it daily one can lose 2-3 Kg weight and fat in one month'.
  • Chennai Unani Hospital: Theirprint advertisement claimed that'25 qualified graduate /post graduate got registered doctors all together found this medicine for sex weakness in Male and made by several foreign herbals after doing lot of research as per the ancient people'. 'Persons who don't have children's this siddha medicine creates 100 million live sperms on them and help to have child'. 'This medicine can be consumed by Diabetes, Asthma, heart diseases and any other disease's patients without any side effects'.
  • New Bombay Cancer Homeopathic Hospital: Their print advertisement claimed that 'Cancer is curable now!! Successful treatment for all types and stages of cancer at Homeopathic system of Medicine', 'Adopt Cancer cure and get rid of Cancer'.
  • Ap Solvex Ltd: Ricela Refined Rice Bran Oil print advertisement claimed that it is 'Oryzanol rich that reduces cholesterol', 'In a recent international research it was found that oryzanol is a nutritious element. This health enhancing nutritious element is found in just Rice Bran Oil',  'Qualities of Oryzanol: Reduces Cholesterol,  fights cancer and diabetes, quality of reducing high blood pressure, helps in reducing problems of menopause and bones,  helpful in preventing gas problems, helpful in body building & keeps body youthful'.
  • Hair Grow: Theirprint advertisement claimed that they provide 'successful treatment for baldness with the help of herbs and bhasma, grows hair in few days, get rid of grey hair and helps grow black hair with guarantee'.
  • Lavanya Ayurvedic Hospital: In their online advertisement, they claimed that it cures Cancer and AIDS.
  • SBS Biotech Unit-II: More Power Capsules in their print advertisement claimed that it is 'No.1 herbal medicine helpful for growing height which has stopped'. 'Grow two times faster''for boys and girls in age group 8 to 35'.
  • Guardian Lifecare: GNC Live Well print advertisement claimed that it is 'America's Largest Selling Health & Nutrition Supplements'.
  • Nivaqueen Skin Oil: In their print advertisement, they claimed that 'Vitamin E skin oil prevents and cures stretch marks', 'No more ugly marks from pregnancy or obesity'.'It's unique formulation helps erase stretch marks or any unwanted blemishes on your skin'.
  • Step Up Height Growth Formula: In their print advertisement, they claimed that it is'Herbal height growth formula', 'By consuming the medicine for one month the height increases one to two inches'.
  • Khokar Dispensary: Their advertisement claimed that'For successful treatment of impotency, premature ejaculation, night fall, semen in urine, no child and other STDs one come to Khokar Dispensary'.

The CCC found the following 2 personal care product ads released online are violating Chapter III 1(b) of the ASCI Codeas it derides colour of the skin. Complaints against these two ads were UPHELD

  • Hindustan Unilever: In the advertisement Ponds BB Cream is titled 'The Future of India'. The ad goes on to talk about various benefits of the product and how women yearn to have fair skin.
  • Emami Limited: Emami Fair and Handsome cream in their online ad showed a flow chart that depicts the various problems such as inferiority complex, not good looking, etc. affecting dark skin colored people.

The CCC found the following 2 health and personal care product or service ads released in the press are violating Chapter II of the ASCI Code. Complaints against both these ads were UPHELD:

  • Amba Health Clinic: The advertisement depicts women in an indecent and vulgar manner.
  • Pam Cosmetics & Glasses: The advertisement of French Factor Lustis depicting women in an indecent and vulgar manner.


The CCC found following claims in print ads by 57 different advertisers were not substantiated violating the ASCI Guidelines for Advertising of Educational Institutions and hence the complaints against the ads were UPHELD – 

  • Endeavor Careers: The advertisement claimed that '3 out of 4 students who got into IIM Ahmedabad in 2011 are Endeavor students', 'for the 1st time in India, course material to tackle the unpredictable nature of CAT, specially designed by IIM Alumni.'
  • Rayat Bahra: The advertisement claimed that it is 'ranked no.1in placements in Northern India.'
  • Eastern Institute of Management: In their advertisement they claim that the institute has 'internationally accepted and recognized degrees& over 10 years legacy in assuring 100% placements'.
  • SDA Medical Institute & Research Centre: The advertisement claimed that it 'provides B.Sc (Emergency & Trauma Care management) + BIMS, placement assured.'
  • Desh Bhagat Group of Institutions: The advertisement of DeshBhagat University claimed that it 'has provided 3500+ Placements in India & Abroad'. It is 'No. 1 in Punjab for placements CSR 2011& provides 100% placement.'
  • Lal Bahadur's Institute of Management &Technology: Their advertisement claims that it has been providing 100% placements in top companies for the last 17 yrs'.
  • New Image Beauty Academy: The advertisement claims that the academy gives a'Golden opportunity to go abroad with 100% job placement & pay starts from Rs. 10,000/month'.
  • American Kidz: The advertisementclaims that American Kidz is 'India's No. 1 Montessori School Chain'.
  • IAM Institute of Hotel Management: The advertisement claims that it provides'100% placement for the last 20 years & is ranked India's No. 1 Hotel Management Institute of Excellence (2011, 2012)'.
  • Internapa College: The advertisement claims that Internapa College provides a golden opportunity for 12th passstudents to study in Cyprus (Europe). It has a 100% success ratio.
  • Sarvoday Competition Classes:The advertisement claims that their 'batch begins with written guarantee of selection'.
  • Swami Vivekanand Institute Of Technology:The advertisement claims thattheir 100% placements are complete and now they are moving towards 200% placement.
  • Shoolini University:The advertisement claims that it'isranked 2nd among Top National Private Biotech Institutes'.
  • Sip Academy India: Sip Abacus &Brain gym, in their print ad claimed that'they have 45,000 children and now is 5 times better.''SIP's unique ISO certified training methodology guarantees to make your child 5 times better in arithmetic calculations'.
  • Epitome Educational Society: Epitome Institute for Vocational & Professional Studies in their print advertisement claimed that it provides 100% placement after 25 days of training.
  • Perception: In their TVC, they claimed that it 'provides 100 % money back guarantee on crash course'.
  • Yashi Films: Their advertisement claimed that they can provide 'direct entry to Bollywood'&'100% Placement'.
  • Satyam Computer Education: Their print advertisement claimed thatthey guarantee '100% pass', '100% promotion assured'.
  • Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI): Their print advertisement claimed that 'it provides 100% placement record with leading corporates in India & Abroad'
  • Soldiers Academy: Their print advertisement claimed that they can assure 'Selection Guaranteed'.
  • Aptech Limited: Arena Animation Academy in their print ad claimed that 'it is Asia's No. 1 Animation Training Institute.'
  • Pathfinder Tutorials: In their print advertisement claimed thatmany of their students were successful in JEE (Main) 2013; the authenticity of the results was doubtful.
  • ISS Computer EducationTheir print advertisement claimed that it provides 80% Offer! 100% job.
  • Spice CNC Centre: Theirprint ad claimed that they guarantee'Job within 31 days', '100% job who are trained by us Rs. 8,000 – 40,000 in India. Rs. 75,000 – 1,50,000/- in foreign countries'.

Bright Academy, St Josephs Institute of Management, Sri Narayana Trust's Gurudev Institute of Management Studies, Institute of Fashion & Jewellery Design (IFJD), Kit & Kim Technical Campus, Esportaa Fitness Training Academy, Dr It Group Of Institute, Royalfed Center of Entrepreneurs, Apeejay Education Society, Rudraksh  Professional Education Trust, Nehru College of Engineering and Research Centre, Pacific Education Society  - Pacific Institute of Hotel Management, Indian Institute of Social Welfare & Bus Management (IISWBM), Noida Institute Of Engineering & Technology, Adani Institute of Infrastructure Management (AIIM), Erina Infotech, Gandhi Institute of Management Technology. Elitte Hotel School, Sradha Institute of Health & Science, Ashu Protech Academy, Focus ITI, Institute of Technical Skills, DSM Institute, Institute of Industrial Management For Safety-Health And Environment Community College, Relian IAS Academy, Aastha Institute of Multimedia, The Personality School, Orissa Institute of Management & Technology, Multani Paramedical Institute, Pragna Hospital: Complaints against advertisements of all above educational institutes were UPHELD because of unsubstantiated claim made that they 'provide 100% placement'.

Consumer Durables

The CCC concluded that the claims mentioned in the following 8 advertisementsand cited in the complaints below were not substantiated.  The advertisements contravened Chapter I of the Code.  The complaints were UPHELD.

  • Microfine Atta Maker: Their advertisement claims that, 'the grinding cost per kg is only 0.50 paisa'. It is observed that Microfine Atta Maker consumes 1.09 unit of electric power for grinding approximately 5.5 Kgs of fine flour and if the cost of investment is added to it, the actual cost per kg of grinding is more than twicethe amount claimed. Also, the advertisement claims that Microfine Atta Maker 'has low temperature grinding technology', 'double action auto cleaning system', 'air cooled stainless steel hygienic grinding chamber'  and  it is 'India's No. 1'.
  • APC Water Solutions: The advertisement of Apc Aquasafe claims that 'it is India's no. 1 brand.'
  • Olive Power Solution: Microtek Range in their print advertisement claimed that they are the 'largest selling series', 'More than 6 times better'.
  • Bajoria Appliances: The print advertisement of Kutchina Chimneys claimed that it is 'Asia's No.1. Brand', 'India's first auto clean chimneys.
  • Sweet Home Appliances: Planet Classic 60 Bf print advertisement claimed that it is 'India's No. 1 in Kitchen Chimneys'
  • Godrej Consumer Products: Godrej Air Conditioners TVC claimed that 'Godrej Ac's consume less power than a hair dryer.'
  • Karbonn Mobiles: Karbonn A21 online advertisement claimed that the battery of the mobile phone never drains out.
  • Samsung India: Samsung Galaxy 4's TVC shows  a person telling his friend that he has bought a Samsung Galaxy 4, and questions HIM, 'Do you know what I paid – ZERO.' There is a PAUSE, and then he says, 'Zero Down Payment, Zero – charge, etc.'


Tata Teleservices: The advertisement ofTata Docomo Network shows a husband quietly eating a pizza at night when the Tata Docomo signature sound starts playing in the background. A voice over that starts 'When you are enjoying your pizza, think of us because leading pizza chains use our network. So, are you on the network that is everywhere?'The CCC viewed the TVC and concluded that the claim, 'leading pizza delivery chains  use Tata Docomo network', was not substantiated as the support was provided only for one chain i.e. Pizza Hut.   The advertisement contravened Chapter I.1 of the Code.  The complaint was UPHELD.


CNBC Awaaz: As per the complaint, the advertisement depicts 5 bar graphs.  The tallest bar graph signifies CNBC Awaaz with 0.26 figure indicated on top of it.  The second tallest graph with a figure of 0.16 representing the channel, Zee Business is reduced to half the size of CNBC Awaaz's graph and, the trend of drastically reducing the length of bar graphs of other channels, viz., ET Now (0.06), NDTV Profit (0.02) and Bloomberg UTV (0.01) is followed.Basing its claim on Television Audience Measurement (TAM) data, CNBCAwaaz has not mentioned the metric (viewership reach, share, GRPs etc) on which they are claiming their No.1 position in comparison with other channels.The CCC concluded that the claim of CNBC Awaaz being 'No.1' was not substantiated with comparative data, and was misleading by omission.  The advertisement contravened Chapters I.1 and I.4 of the Code.  The complaint was UPHELD.

Punjab Kesari: In their print advertisement, they claimed that the circulation leadership across the states of Punjab, Haryana Chandigarh, Himachal and J&K.In the absence of comments from the Advertiser, the CCC concluded that the claims mentioned in the advertisement were not substantiated.  Also, the advertisement was misleading by omission.  The advertisement contravened Chapters I.1 and I.4 of the Code.  The complaint was UPHELD.

Bennett. Coleman & Co.: In the 'I Lead India Campaign' (Times of India) print advertisement. Complaint against stated that “the ad shows a dishevelled face with the alarming words: 'Dude, these Stray Dogs are a Menace.'“The objective of the Ad is to encourage unbridled, illegal, criminal vigilantism which seeks to persecute innocent, defenceless and harmless stray dogs of India. It is in direct conflict with the Constitution of India.  Also, it is in violation of its laws from the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act”.The CCC concluded that the advertisement headline, “These stray dogs are a menace”, read in conjunction with the statements like “You rave about them.  You rant about them and remember if it makes your blood boil gives an impression that stray dogs are a real menace to society.”  This is likely to cause grave and widespread offence.   The advertisement contravened Chapter II of the Code.  The complaint was UPHELD.


Mahindra & Mahindra: The TVC of Mahindra Maximo shows a hero who is always in ahurry and everywhere he is saying 'JaraJaldi Mein Hoon'. He is so impatient on the road that he is shown overtaking a pick-up on a curve in the road. This amounts to dangerous driving. The CCC viewed the TVC and concluded the TVC showed dangerous driving. The advertisement contravened Clause (b) of the ASCI Guidelines on Advertisements for Automotive Vehicles.    The complaint was UPHELD.


Food & Beverage

The CCC concluded that the claims indicated in these 4 advertisementsand cited in the complaints below were not substantiated.  The advertisements contravened Chapter I.1 or F&B ad guidelines of the Code.  The complaints were UPHELD.

  • Parle Products: The advertisement of Hide n Seek: shows the layer of the cream in the biscuit is quite thick and spreading till the edges. Even the wrapper shows the cream layer to be thick.
  • GHCL Ltd: The advertisement of I-Flo Salt claims that I-Flo Salt is a Herbal Salt.
  • Pizza Hut: The advertisement of Magic pan pizzashows the pizza at Rs. 44 only and shows two toppings on each pizza. It implies that two toppings are available on purchase of the magic pan pizza at the cost of Rs. 44.
  • Cadbury (India): The Tang TVC claimed that 'Tang has fruits and it is good for health and a substitute for fruits as it provides various vitamins'.

Nirma Ltd: The TVC of Nirlife Ener-G drink shows 'a child is late for school, denied entry by watchman, scales high walls, jumps over terraces, performs various stunts to gain entry via classroom window and proudly flips out ener-g drink and gains admiration of a girl in a class'. The CCC concluded that the TVC shows dangerous acts which are likely to encourage minors to emulate such acts in a manner which could cause harm or injury.  The advertisement contravened Chapter III.2 (b) of the Code.  The complaint was UPHELD.

Radico Khaitan: Magic Moments Vodka in their print advertisement showed a model with actor HrithikRoshan along with a bottle of vodka magic moments.The CCC concluded that the Ad was a surrogate Ad for a liquor product – Vodka.  The advertisement contravened Chapter III.6 of the Code.  The complaint was UPHELD.


Modi Builders & Realtors: The advertisement of Splendour Apartments states that '150 families are staying happily and enjoying full amenities.'As per the complaint, most of the facts are false. As for the amenities, only 40% of the promised amenities are complete. There is no maintenance, no security, no parking, no security cameras are switched on, clubhouse is half complete, no swimming pool, and lot of construction activity still in progress. Moreover, the only functional tennis court was closed after one of its border pillar fell due to high winds. CCC concluded that the claims were not adequately substantiated.  The advertisement contravened Chapter I.1 of the Code.  The complaint was UPHELD.


Mash Audio Visuals: In the Images Bazaar calendar, the title page says 'the making of a BTB* calendar. The asterisk says Below the Belt. Working women in this calendar have been shown as sexobjects. The calendar is extremely offensive to womenand to working women in particular.  Particularly offensive are pages Oct 2012, Jan 2013, April 2013 and June 2013'.The CCC concluded that the pictures shown in the calendar for the months of January 2013, April 2013 and June 2013, were offensive to women and likely to cause grave or widespread offence.  The depictions in the calendar contravened Chapter II of the Code.  The complaint was UPHELD

Netafim Irrigation India: The advertisement of Netafim Drip Irrigation claims that it is 'World's No. 1 Drip Irrigation Company. This claim needs to be substantiated with necessary support data and market share data to prove that it is the world's No. 1 Drip Irrigation Company.'The CCC concluded that the claim, 'World's No. 1 Drip Irrigation Company', was not substantiated with worldwide market share data.  The advertisement contravened Chapter I.1 of the Code.  The complaint was UPHELD.

Apple Tree Chits India: The advertisement claims that they are 'India's No.1 Financial Company' andis a Central and State Government recognised company. 'It gives you money very quickly through proper channel without any risks'. In the absence of comments from the Advertiser, the CCC concluded that the claims mentioned in the advertisement and cited in the complaint were not substantiated.    The advertisement contravened Chapter I.1 of the Code.  The complaint was UPHELD.

Maha Dhan Lakshmi Yantram, in their TVC claimed 'brings wealth into one's life. Keeping the yantra in one's house pleases Goddess of wealth Laxmi and thus helps an individual to get 'Gupt Dhanam' (money through secret means) and Ravalasina Dhanam (money that was supposed to be paid but has been held back for some reasons). Some actors posing as beneficiaries of this yantram tell how the product helped in improving their financial condition.' In the absence of comments from the Advertiser, the CCC concluded that the claims mentioned in the TVC were not substantiated.  Also, the claims appeared to be gross exaggerations and likely to lead to grave or widespread disappointment to the consumers.  The advertisement contravened Chapters I.1 and I.5 of the Code. The complaint was UPHELD.

Yogapriya Marketing: Vent Air auto Gold in their print advertisement claimed that it is 'World's no.1'. In the absence of comments from the advertiser, the CCC concluded that the claim, 'World's No.1', was not substantiated.   The advertisement contravened Chapter I.1 of the Code.  The complaint was UPHELD.

Not Upheld

During April, the CCC also received complaints against 11 other advertisements. The complaints were received against the advertisements of Heinz India: New Complan with 8 Memory Chargers,, Dabur India's Fem Hair Remover, Kellogg (India)'s Kellogg Special K, Daiki Brands' Biara Innerwear & PeriPeri Lingerie, Eternal Personal Care (I)'s Bad Boi, Nestle India's Nescafe Cold Coffee, Clothing Culture's Sin Casualwear, Hindustan Unilever's Axe Apollo, TTK Healthcare's Skore Condoms, Nestle India's Maggi Hungrooo, Cadila Healthcare's Sugar Free Gold & Sugar Free, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare's Paradontax Toothpaste, The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corp's Education Plan, Everest Spices Cholle Masala, UniverCell, Myovatec Surgical Systems (P) Ltd's Myovatec Obesity Program, Pepsico India Holdings's Slice, Kasturi & Sons's Sportstar Magazine, MIRC Electronics' Onida Air Conditioners, State Bank of India's Home Loans, Vijaya Chemicals & Toilet  Works  Ashoka Sandalwood Talc, Sweet Heart Deodorant, Viacom 18 Media's Comedy Central, Hardcastle Restaurants's McDonald's Pakka Indian, Shree Maruti Herbal's Stay-On Dotted Condoms, United Spirits' White Mischief Beach Wear & Accessories, Vintage India's Vintage Sunglasses, Monet's Pass Port, ITC Ltd's Engage Deo Sprays. However, as these advertisements did not contravene ASCI's codes or guidelines, the complaints were NOT UPHELD.