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SAB TV launches ‘Sab Ki Sawaari’ fan tours

Channel ties up with Bollywood Tourism to give fans a chance to interact with their favourite actors and watch the shoot of popular shows aired on SAB TV

BestMediaInfo | Mumbai | July 31, 2013

Anooj Kapoor, EVP & Business Head, SAB TV with Manoj Gursahani, MD, Bollywood Tourism along with Rajendra Gupta, Bhavya Gandhi (Tappu), Gopi Bhalla, Balveer at the launch of SAB Ki Sawaari

SAB TV has introduced 'Sab Ki Sawaari' in association with Bollywood Tourism. Launched on July 29, 2013, the bus tour is an initiative to let audiences connect with their favourite stars. The format of the 'Sawaari' would include a bus ride for fans who would be taken to Film City to watch the stars from SAB TV's popular serials, shoot.

The fans would also be able to communicate with the stars which would include actors from shows such as Baalveer, Chidiya Ghar, FIR, Lapatagung, etc. They can take pictures with the actors, look at how a shooting takes place, and interact with the actors of their choice.

"It's a dream for so many people, especially when they come to Mumbai for the first time, to watch a shoot. They ask their friends if they happen to know any stars, or if they can arrange a trip to any shooting location. We decided that we can do that, we can formalise this dream for them," said Anooj Kapoor, EVP and Business Head, SAB TV.

SAB TV hopes that this will create more opportunities to engage with the brand and its popular characters as it is the first time that a GEC has come up with such an initiative. The tour, which would be of approximately six hours’ duration, will only be available on weekends for now. The tickets, priced at Rs 2,250 per person, will include pick-up, drop, travel and snacks on the set. A guide would be there to help the people with questions, show them video clips and give them the story before they come to the set.

The tour is a novel concept and SAB TV will be promoting it via their television network, as well as through social media. The B2B media and travel community will also be involved in the marketing process. Bollywood Tourism, which is a travel specific network, plans to have booths in every travel show across the length and breadth of the country.

"To start with, we will allow 40 people to come in every day, so that they can engage with the stars without disrupting the shooting process. We also plan to tie up with schools later as children are especially fond of the shows. People from outside Mumbai may also find it more interesting, and we will invite them for the tour," said Manoj Gursahani, MD, Bollywood Tourism.

Popular television star, Rajendra Gupta, famous for his roles in shows like Chandrakanta, Saaya, Balika Vadhu and Chidiya Ghar, was present at the location on the first day of the tour. Gupta said, "This is a wonderful initiative to increase the interaction between the audience and actors. Though we might at times get disturbed by people coming in during shooting, the benefits would be much more. Feedback from the people who watch the shows would always be a special thing."

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