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Oreo Daily Dunk charms social networking space

Cretaed by Interface Communications, the campaign cherry-picks interesting news and events each day and expresses them through the eyes of Oreo

BestMediaInfo Burea | Delhi | July 5, 2013

Oreo Daily Dunk has launched a campaign to charm the social networking space with its colloquial take on current events and latest trends. Conceptualised by Interface Communications, the ‘Oreo Daily Dunk’ initiative cherry-picks interesting news and events each day and expresses them through the eyes of Oreo.

You cannot just eat an Oreo, you have to Twist it, Lick the cream and finally Dunk the Oreo with a big grin! Taking on from this ritual, Oreo India has come out with an exciting initiative to connect with the youth in the social networking space. On April 2, 2013, Oreo launched its series of Oreo Daily Dunk with the start of the IPL.

Oreo Daily Dunks are the day’s top trends handcrafted into a single creative expression. Whether it is the latest trends like celebrating ‘30 years of Supandi’ or ‘The day the Titanic set sail’, Oreo creates content that is designed to spark conversations and sharing amongst the youth. Daily Dunks, as the name suggests, are a new piece of content everyday achieved by translating each piece of pop culture, news, iconic events, latest trends into instantly interactive and shareable social content, creating a platform for conversations online.

Joemon Thaliath, COO of Interface Communications, explained, “Oreo is a cookie that is enjoyed by everyone in the family. While our TV campaigns warm the mothers’ hearts and are loved by kids, conversations with teenagers and young adults indicated that they also love Oreo. Taking this opportunity, we decided to create deeper engagement with the millennial audience and spark conversations that would be most relevant to them.”

In sum, Oreo Daily Dunks aims to filter the world through the playful imaginations of Oreo and engage the growing number of fans on Facebook and Twitter. The Oreo Daily Dunk will continue to be entertaining, humorous and inspiring.

Chella Pandyan, AVP Marketing - Biscuits, Cadbury India, said, “The Oreo ‘Daily Dunks’ idea is a celebration of the amazing diversity and colour there is in popular culture today. We have been surprised with the response it has received so far and quite enjoying the process of creating them.”

The Oreo India community reciprocated the love with their ‘likes’. The Oreo India Facebook community size has increased by 144,539 fans. The campaign has almost doubled the monthly average reach. Through the Daily Dunk campaign, Oreo attempts to create a cool and witty personality that the youth can identify with. People are interacting with the brand in a way that is relevant to them; it is more than just passively liking the posts but about starting conversations.

In addition to this, Oreo India’s Facebook community is growing at a rapid pace and has crossed the 2.8-million mark. Amongst them, there is a huge bank of millennials with whom the brand wanted to establish a deeper connect. The conversations were mined which gave the insight that teens as well as young adults loved the idea of remixing things to give it their own signature touch. Keeping this in mind, Facebook and Twitter were chosen as the best medium to connect with this audience.



Agency: Interface Communications

Creative Team: Ashutosh Joshi, SricharanCheemalamarri, RupeshGor, SiddheshKadam, Priyanka Joshi, Sreekanth Dass

Digital Servicing: Roopesh Shah, Jaspreet Sandhu, Firdous Kazi

Planning: Priyam Joshi

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