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Compare, don’t repent, says

The new TVC, conceptualized by Metal Communications, focuses on educating consumers on health insurance

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | June 3, 2013, the country’s largest online financial services platform, has launched a new television commercial campaign focusing on the health insurance sector. It went on air on June 1, 2013. The company has been assisting consumers to make correct financial decisions for the last five years, and now aims to revolutionise the concept of health insurance by educating the consumer on the benefits of comparing coverages between various health insurance plans.

The TVC has been conceptualised by Metal Communications. The storyline and concept behind the theme is ‘comparing better than repenting’ which highlights the benefits of comparing health plans before making a purchase decision. The main objective of the campaign is to provide a holistic approach to the consumers for comparing the benefits related to health insurance policies like any other insurance scheme to get the best package that meets the consumer’s health and financial needs.

Anuj Bhagia, Associate Vice-President, Brand,, said, “Our campaigns are aimed at creating awareness among consumers, enabling them to make an informed decision. While our previous campaign spoke about comparing car insurance policies to gain maximum benefits and rebates, the new campaign highlights the need to consider a health insurance plan that covers you for any unfortunate contingency. The theme of the campaign is that personal well-being should not be compromised in the name of ignorance."

Siddharth Prasad, VP, Creative, Metal Communications, said, "People don’t know how to go about buying health insurance or what to look for in a policy. This TVC shows the dramatic awakening of a young man’s common sense in this respect. It’s set in a theatre, where the brand’s protagonist interrupts the movie to shock him out of his apathy and show him how to choose a health policy.”

The theme of the campaign revolves around a couple in a movie theatre watching a horror movie, during which they have a brief conversation about their health insurance policy. The wife who is seen to be not much interested in the movie tries to engage in a conversation with her husband regarding health insurance policy. The husband on the other hand, who is engrossed in the move, becomes disinterested wherein he is being enlightened by the main character ‘Maa’ (mother) advising him to compare the insurances for better benefits before purchasing it.

The TVC:




Brand Team: Anuj Bhagia,

Agency: Metal Communications

Creative Chief: Narayan Kumar

VP, Creative: Siddharth Prasad

Business Handling: Ambarish Ray

Production House: Soda Films

Director: Jayant Rohatgi

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