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B2B platform launched

Aims to be branding hub providing a collection of advertising, branding and sponsorship opportunities in 25 different categories spanning the ATL and BTL space

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | March 18, 2013, a unique website which aims at being a B2B platform on advertising, branding and sponsorship opportunities, has been launched. provides a collection of advertising, branding and sponsorship opportunities in 25 different categories spanning the complete ATL and BTL space. On beta launch date, there are already over 1,200 branding opportunities on the website and new opportunities are being added everyday.

"We are pleased to announce the launch of We hope this website can make a difference to both brand marketers and media/event property owners by providing them a much needed real-time platform to come together,” said Dinesh Chandra, Founder.

“Finding the most appropriate opportunities for their brand is not an easy task for brand marketers today. As a successful brand marketer you always look at innovative and new opportunities for your brand and cannot afford to operate in a well of limited visible opportunities,” Chandra pointed out.

“As a media or event property owner you want your opportunities to get the eyes and ears of brand marketers at the earliest and in a cost effective manner,” Chandra added. It is here that wants to bridge the gap and help both brand marketers and property owners.

"At, our goal is to provide a single platform for brand marketers to easily access and acquire branding opportunities. Simply put, is an online dating service for the advertising, branding & sponsorship industry,” Chandra emphasised.

Whether it is a new company or an established one, every company can use the website as a marketing communications planning extension toolkit and benefit from it immensely.

Media and event property owners can register on the site and start uploading their properties within minutes. The website provides free listing to property owners.

Advertisers and sponsors have to register into the website. Currently they can register for a free trial. Sponsors have a rich panorama of choices on the website. They can:

a)      Buy branding opportunities & sponsorships through bidding;

b)      Submit media briefs and get executable media plans from the experts;

c)      Search opportunities by Categories, Market, Target Audience, Time Period & Sponsor Brand Objectives;

d)     Search what opportunities other brands are associated with.

e)      Upload stories on the website blog;

f)       Post unique requirements and get response from the relevant property owners.

Property owners can:

a)      Upload their properties on the website within minutes, for free;

b)      Offer their opportunities for bidding on their terms;

c)      Get to service unique requirements of sponsors.

To celebrate its launch, the company is also offering an attractive inaugural subscription offer to the advertisers and sponsors.

"We're really excited about this project and the feedback from some of the brand marketers and property owners already online has been very positive. It touches the tip of the iceberg in terms of the opportunity," said Chandra.

He also intends to take the platform to a global level later. is the first project of Fresheyes Ventures Pvt. Ltd. FreshEyes is a company working with fresh perspectives in the B2B and B2C space to offer innovative solutions.

Chandra has worked with prestigious brands like Samsung, Sony, Airtel, Yamaha, Sundrop, Kohler, and Ogilvy. In his last assignment, he was Marketing Director of Kohler Company in India.

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