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Ogilvy advertising creates ‘The Thrill Machine – The Tallest Race Track’

This one-of-a-kind event is all set to create history by attempting to enter the Guinness Book of World Records

Ogilvy advertising creates ‘The Thrill Machine – The Tallest Race Track’

This one-of-a-kind event is all set to create history by attempting to enter the Guinness Book of World Records

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | December 6, 2012

Hrithik at the unveiling of Thrill Machine by Hot Wheels at Oberoi Mall

Hot Wheels as a brand has always stood for Speed, Power, Performance and a Winning Attitude to boys. It has become synonymous with “Thrilling Vehicle Experiences”. From breaking Guinness World Records for the longest jump to having Formula One and Nascar drivers pushing limits and testing out cars in the HW Test Facility, Hot Wheels has moved from being a toy to a lifestyle statement, appealing to vehicle-loving boys of all ages!

As a part of the 2012 strategy, Mattel India had their task clearly cut out – Create and deliver a thrilling experience that will take Hot Wheels to an all-new level in India i.e. transcend from being a Toy brand to a Boy brand.

This resulted in the launch of a brand new initiative ‘The Hot Wheels Team Xtreme’ captained by none other than Hrithik Roshan.

As a part of this initiative, Ogilvy Mumbai has conceptualized and created a never seen before thrilling experience – ‘The Hot Wheels Thrill Machine’.

Owning Hot Wheels cars and playing with them on tracks is an exhilarating experience for any boy. However shopping for the Hot Wheels cars is still an over-the-counter process, which sorely lacks the attributes of ‘speed-power-performance’ that the brand stands for. Keeping this in mind, Ogilvy thought to create a shopping mechanism which excites and engages kids, while integrating Hot Wheels cars with tracks and, of course, stunts. Therefore the agency came up with the idea to create the world’s tallest race track – a.k.a ‘The Hot Wheels Thrill Machine’

Through this machine kids get ‘a never-seen-before + larger-than-life’ experience of seeing their favourite Hot Wheels cars in action on tracks.

To implement the idea, Ogilvy made a colossal, 25+ ft. tall vending machine using elaborate Hot Wheels tracks which brings to life the thrill and excitement of playing with Hot Wheels cars and tracksets. The track forms the dispensing mechanism for the cars during the machine operation.

Kids have to buy a token of Rs. 100 to activate this machine. Once they put the token in the machine they can select a specific car by pressing the button of their choice. This will dispense the chosen car which will be seen zooming down the HW track through curves and turns, right into the hands of the kid.

To make the idea come alive, on-track cameras are being used that project the car zipping through the track on large giant split screens giving the child and other viewers a thrilling experience. To add to the fun, there are car zooming/racing sounds as the car races down the track.

To make this event truly memorable, the captain of Team Xtreme Hrithik Roshan kicked off the event by unveiling the machine and bringing this mechanical marvel to life!

This one-of-a-kind event is all set to create history by attempting to enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

The Ogilvy Advertising team (Mumbai) has planned a complete 360 package which includes a mix of traditional & new media to help drive traffic to the event from 4th Dec – 9th Dec. Ogilvy Action, the activation arm of Ogilvy & Mather is in charge of executing this mammoth event.

Karun Gera, Country Manager of Mattel Toys India, said, “Hot Wheels has always been committed to providing boys of all ages with thrilling vehicle experiences and we are extremely proud that India’s own Hot Wheels Team Xtreme will be creating history by setting a Guinness world record for the largest 'Thrill Machine’ in the world’ led by none other than Hrithik Roshan, Captain of Team Xtreme.”

Abhijit Avasthi, National Creative Director, Ogilvy India, said, “A brand as big as Hot Wheels needed something spectacular to connect with its fans that cuts across various age groups (4 to 80+ years). The Thrill Machine will not just create a Guinness book of world record but will also leave a lasting impression among its fans.”

Sukesh Kumar Nayak, Group Creative Director, Ogilvy Mumbai, added, “The Thrill Machine is our ode to all the Hot Wheels fans. Because a brand as adventurous as Hot Wheels, continuously needs ideas that lives up to their expectations.”

Ajay Mehta, Vice President, Account Management, Ogilvy Mumbai, said, “The challenge was to come up with a unique concept that would not only bring alive the brands core values but also provide the same thrilling experience that everyone has had while playing with Hot Wheels basic cars & track sets.”


Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai

Company: Mattel Toys (India).

Brand: Hot Wheels

Ogilvy Advertising:

National Creative Director: Abhijit Avasthi & Rajiv Rao

Group Creative Director: Sukesh Kumar Nayak

Creative Director: Hemal Jhaveri

Associate Creative Director: Pratheeb Ravi

Senior Visulaiser: Shruthi Venkataraman

Senior Copywriter: Manasvi Abrol

Vice President: Ajay Mehta

Account Director: Kankana Ghosh

Account Executive: Devasmita Halder


Ogilvy Action:

President: Samir Gupte

Management Supervisor: Pradyumn Tandon

Asst. General Manager - Operations: Umesh Rajput

Account Manager: Hiral Vyas

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