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ABP News launches a series on medical negligence ‘Second Opinion’

The show premieres on December 1 at a pm

December 3, 2012:

Second Opinion – a new show on ABP News will feature path breaking cases of medical negligence. The show revolves around the judgment of such landmark cases of medical negligence, which made a substantial mark in the Indian medical history.

Presenter of the show is the ace actor Atul Kulkarni. Atul has won two National awards for Hey Ram and Chandni Bar. He also got critical acclaim for his roles in Page 3 and Rang de Basanti with Aamir Khan. In Marathi Film Industry, he has given several super hits like Valu and Natarang.

Prevention is better than cure is a saying which has been passed down the ages seems to be coming alive clearly through this program as it focuses in cases of medical negligence and offers advice that could have helped saved the lives of the victims in the episodes. Even the smallest mistake by a doctor can have life-altering (even life-ending) effects on his or her patients. Medical negligence can take place in any medical situation, from a visit to the dentist, an emergency room situation, a regular health check up, or a high risk surgical procedure.

Every episode will be based on real life case studies. What went wrong? Who was at fault? What could have been done? The tone of the program will be emotional and informative as well.  The show will try to make complex medical issues easier to understand for the audience.

 A segment of this docudrama takes a second look at the medical case and provides a “Second Opinion” to prevent viewers from becoming future victims of medical negligence.

 The show will also enlighten the viewer on his right to know about the treatment and what he should ask of the Doctor. The programme will answer what is the importance of a Second Opinion, when should the viewer seek one and most importantly from whom.

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