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Comedy Central launches ‘Show me the funny’

The initiative promises not only an iPad for the winner, but also a chance to be on the channel

November 27, 2012:

Have you always wanted to be a designer but couldn’t fulfill your dreams? Have you always wanted to be funny but never had a space to explore your hilarious side? Comedy Central’s brand new initiative - “Show me the funny” - promises you not only the space, but also the chance to win big and get famous by featuring on Comedy Central!

With guaranteed laughter on Comedy Central, the channel is always looking at different ways to keep the audience engaged with interesting innovations. The constant effort is to have all the necessary ingredients to keep the funny in check. With ‘Show me the Funny’; the idea is to go crazy and let creativity hit the sky, with a hilarious twist of course...!

So log on to to participate and if your designs make us laugh enough to fall off our chair, we will declare you the lucky winner. So log on, get creative and send us your funny designs...hurry!

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