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Aamir Khan teams up with ‘CID’ on Sony for a unique Talaash

The special one hour episodes will be telecast on November 23-24 at 10 pm

November 23, 2012:

Ultimate suspense and drama will unfold on Sony as they roll out  a ‘Dhamakedaar Weekend’ of two special one hour episodes, where two protectors of the law will unite and team up to solve the mysterious ‘Red Suitcase Murders’. Theirs will be a unique firebrand combination when the ‘CID’ team spearheaded by ACP Pradyuman will join hands with Inspector Shekhawat played by none other than Aamir Khan, in their Talaash for the infamous Red Suitcase Murderer.

Big red suitcases with chopped up body parts of police officers linked to each other are mysteriously being found in public places across the city, that suggest that the killer has a spiteful antipathy towards the police and thereby making a statement by his hideous acts. The CID team takes charge of this case only to realize that the killer is smartly luring police officers to their death. A string of detailed investigations of similar serial killings leads the CID team toa fearless and honest police officer Inspector Shekhawat who had an interesting tryst with the serial killer a few years ago and had nailed down the culprit. The CID team approaches him to help them solve this mysterious nerve-wracking case that has the team in sixes and sevens.

Will Inspector Shekhawat be of pivotal help to the CID team to nab the killer this time around? What is the mystery and relevance behind the red suitcase murders?

Do not forget to tune in to watch these special one hour nail biting thrilling episodes of CID on Friday, November 23, 2012 and Saturday, November 24, 2012 at 10:00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television!

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