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TAM bullish about digitisation; excited about partnering industry

Is prepared across all fronts for the big leap to the digital world; to release ‘Industry Guide’

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | October 19, 2102

In the wake of the impending phase-wise DAS implementation across India, the custodians of TAM Media Research – advertisers (ISA), media agencies (AAAI) and TV broadcasters (IBF) – arrived at a joint consensus on the need to temporarily defer TAM TV viewing data release for All-India market for a period of nine weeks starting Week 41 (October 7, 2012, Sunday) and ending Week 49 (December 8, 2012). This deferred data will be released on December 19, 2012 (Tuesday) along with data for Week 50 (December 9-15, 2012).

TAM, on its part, is all set to aid the industry take the next big leap to the digital world and implement this joint industry decision. Going forward, TAM will continue to keep a close watch of the on-ground dynamics and will be flexible enough to keep adjusting its course, whenever needed. At the same time, to help industry settle down and understand the on-going nuances of this consumer shift, TAM has proactively issued an ‘Industry Guide’ for reference.

On this joint industry request, LV Krishnan, CEO, TAM Media Research, said, “We are research specialists who generate and provide data backed by years of global knowhow, local audience understanding and evolving scientific methodologies. This specific request of data deferment by the industry to TAM is purely to aid digitisation and we, as the central and neutral media research service provider, are ready to partner in this exercise for the benefit of the industry.”

“In fact, TAM has been long ready to measure Indian television homes’ transition to the digital world since way back in 2007. We implemented the state of the art, platform neutral, TVM5 Peoplemeter system then and started reporting data in July 2008. Ever since the Government announced the digitisation initiative, TAM has been focussing on the key steps required to manage the panel transition from analogue to digital efficiently. TAM has proactively prepared an Industry Guide that will be released soon,” added Krishnan.

TAM is geared up to measure Indian TV households’ transition from analogue to digital and hand-hold the industry through this phase. It will constantly keep a close watch of the ground reality. Towards this, the organisation has undertaken the following initiatives:



Safeguards and Initiatives

Benefit to the Industry

Sampling & Methodology

  1. 1.      
  • As a special initiative, soon after government notification on DAS, in May 2012, TAM commissioned a special DAS Establishment Survey (DASES) across four metros. These survey waves will continue through November 2012, even after the DAS deadline.
  • TAM TV Home Panel is already very scientifically structured and is representative of the universe.
  • Therefore, any change – such as switch-over of homes from analogue to digital – will be reflected in the panel as well.
  • Gives accurate estimate of digital (STB) penetration which, if need be, will be further used for Universe Updates in the data reports.
  • Will help maintain TAM TV Viewership data stability for the 4 metros.
  1. 2.      
  • In addition to the above DASES, TAM will conduct a special ALL India Digital Establishment Survey (DES) – spanning both urban (including 4 metros) and rural Indian markets in December 2012.
  • While the above gives a ground reality check for 4 metros, this special DES will give a confirmation of digital proportions for ALL India.
  • Also, this will help TAM project the data to the right Digital Universe on an ALL INDIA basis on Week 1 of 2013.

Front End/Client Servicing Desk

  • The Front End or the Client Servicing Desk will help in answering queries and guide the Industry Clients during the entire Pre-During-Post phase of Digitization.
  • TAM will help Industry in answering queries.


  1. 1.      
  • TAM proactively implemented the TVM5 Digital Peoplemeter technology in 2007 itself.
  • Has been showcasing its Digital TV Measurement readiness since 2007.
  • Industry consuming Digital data since 2008.



The industry request to defer TAM data release to the industry will mean that:

a)      Starting TAM Week 41 (October 7, 2012), no TV viewership data will be released and therefore will not be available through Media Xpress, the standardised industry software interface;

b)      This data deferment will be effective till Week 49 (December 8, 2012);

c)      The deferred data for nine weeks will be released on December 19, 2012 along with the data for Week 50 (December 9 - 15, 2012).

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