For Finolex Cables, 'laal' is safety

Focus Circle launches a new campaign that shifts the focus from a product-based approach to take the brand to the next level

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For Finolex Cables, 'laal' is safety

For Finolex Cables, 'laal' is safety

Focus Circle launches a new campaign that shifts the focus from a product-based approach to take the brand to the next level

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | October 17, 2012

publive-imageFocus Circle, one of India's fastest-growing integrated communications agencies, has launched a TVC for Finolex Cables to reposition the brand. The campaign is supported by integrated mediums like outdoor, print and online for a comprehensive exposure. The objective is to shift from a product-based approach to the next level by correlating the brand with safety by targeting involving end-users.

Commenting on the campaign, Rahool Talukdar, National Creative Director, Focus, said, “Finolex has been synonymous with safety for more than five decades now. It was time to shift from the product-benefit approach to the next level. Hence, we decided to leverage Finolex by involving its end-users, the traditional Indian audience in an aesthetic sense to communicate the underlying message of a traditional bond between Finolex and the colour red. We decided to create a brand film and not a product film that essentially positions it based on a colour association and a strong relevance to traditions, celebrations and relationships. Finally, the film makes a strong but ironical statement, red – the colour of safety for decades.”

Talukdar added, “It's intriguing to see that products from non-core sector also can be well accepted today by consumers when communicated with the right ideas and tools and be recognised as a distinct brand altogether.”

The insight came from the trade. Numerous visits to the electrical bazaars and hundreds of hours of discussions with electricians, contractors and electrical shop owners gave us many sparks, but one amongst them became a game changer. Luckily we were attentive to a buyer's common way of addressing a Finolex Cable box as “the laal dabba” or the “Red” box. Bang! Here was our idea.

'Laal' or red generally implies danger. But the other way to look at it is that red is a deterrent or warning against something unpleasant or a symbol that communicates that it needs to be avoided. Logically, this corelates to the fact that red is actually a symbolic representation to deter problems, thus making it an ally to safety.

The concept stands out as the major highlight of the campaign in terms of the fundamental leap undertaken by the cable giant. The campaign aims at creating a powerful brand message that cuts deep and connects to the target consumer psyche. Finolex had released its last commercial, 'Uncle Sam', which was a crazy jingle based piece that was promoted extensively and worked wonders amongst the audience.

In order to emphasize on the 'laal' concept, a lot of innovations and special properties/festival impact buys, etc., have also been worked out. The aim is to make Safety Laal Finolex synonymous with each other.

The TVC:


Agency: Focus Circle Brands

Client: Finolex Cables

National Creative Directors: Rahool Talukdar, Nayan Bagawde, Deepak Band

Production House: Trinetra Focus Communications (Focus's in-house digital/production house)

Director: Rumaan Kidwai

Producer: Taanaz, Karishma Sahi

Script: Rahool Talukdar

Cinematography: Anoop Jotwani

Music: R Anandh

Post-Production: Pixion