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Axis Bank customizes its cards with MYCards print campaign

Lowe Lintas & Partners has conceptualised the new campaign that focuses on the ‘I’ factor in shopping behaviour

Axis Bank customizes its cards with MYCards print campaign

Lowe Lintas & Partners has conceptualised the new campaign that focuses on the ‘I’ factor in shopping behaviour

Best Media Info Bureau | Delhi | October 1, 2012

Indians are transforming from being restrained, conservative individuals into discerning consumers. Their increased buying power has given them more choices than ever. To add to this, the fact that over 50 per cent of India is below the age of 25 has contributed significantly to Indians feeling more optimistic and positively disposed towards all that life has to offer. This has also led to a more visible shift in the way India shops. The progressive Indian is spending more and more on entertainment, travel and personal care. There is also a shift from family to the individual – ‘I’ – and consumers are looking more and more for products that suit not only individual needs but also those that suit their personality.

Taking forth from this insight and questioning the logic of how personalities as diverse as a compulsive shopper, a foodie, a traveller or a movie buff carry the same card, Axis Bank has launched a new range of credit cards called MYCards which give consumers the freedom to choose a card that maximises benefits in areas that they enjoy the most. Individually, every consumer knows what he likes to spend a good portion of his money on. And it would make his purchase experience even more gratifying if he could get rewarded for spending more on what he loves.

The campaign developed by Lowe Lintas and Partners takes this idea forward to bring out the fact that you can customise your credit card to reflect who you are. This is also coming from the brand philosophy of progress – as an individual and celebrating more of what you like.

“Individuality is the key idea behind this campaign. All of us are defined by the things we love to do, of things that we are 'fans' of. These cards are telling us it's time we got rewarded for them,” explained Amar Singh Group Creative Director, Lowe Lintas.

Manisha Lath Gupta, Chief Marketing Officer, Axis Bank, said, “Credit and debit cards are one of the most used financial products from a bank. The fact that the card resides in the customer's wallet, and interacts at points of purchase, makes it a reflection of the customer's spending habits. Different consumers have different needs and interests, and this gets mirrored in the card usage behaviour as well. Understanding this insight, Axis Bank has launched a range of credit cards for different consumer segments. MY Zone Card is designed for movie goers, weekend shoppers and diners. MY Wings Card is designed for travellers, and MY Choice is for those who want to customise their card offers. The new media campaign has been launched across print, outdoor and online, and aims at targeting customers across these interest groups. The creative is in line with the ‘Badhti ka Naam Zindagi’ campaign, as the products help our customers realise their interests and passions in a rewarding manner.”

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Agency: Lowe Lintas

Client: Axix Bank

Group Creative Director: Amar Singh

Creative: Amar Singh, Joshua Thomas, Prathamesh Gharat, Nandkishore Sale, Manoj Kolaskar, Abhay Desle

Business: Shantanu Sapre, Bhuvnesh Joshi, Himanshu Kosambia, Shrey Bhatia

Planning: Arun Raman, Gursimran Singh

Photographer: Shekhar Phalke

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