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Radio Mirchi presents an exclusive collection of Mirchi Murga’s

Brings videos of RJ Naved make murgas out of innocent Delhiites on website and Facebook page

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | September 14, 2012

The biggest prankster of all time is now just a click of a mouse away, thanks to Radio Mirchi, Delhi’s hottest radio station! Rewind to the fun times and watch videos of your favourite RJ Naved make murgas out of innocent Delhiites on and

Want a dose of fun and laughter and take a breather from the daily routine? The perfect break from work is here with RJ Naved’s best of Mirchi Murga videos now available online and can be watched anytime!

From being a Punjabi telephone operator from Jalandhar to acting as a Delhi Police Constable, the versatile RJ has donned several avatars over the years, baffling his listeners and making them the infamous Mirchi Murgas. Very aptly, the fun-loving Delhiites have named the RJ as ‘Delhi ka Don’. Mirchi listeners will now get to watch RJ Naved and his huge variety of expressions, voice inflections, prank calls as the mischievous RJ ensnares gullible listeners on ‘Sunset Samosa’ and makes delighted fools out of them.

Infuse some much needed laughter in your drudge-filled day while you watch RJ Naved posing a matrimonial offer as an old man to an unsuspecting Dilliwala. Get a few inspired ideas on how to pull some merry pranks on your pals from RJ Naved’s shenanigans.

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