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MEC predicts 10% higher viewership for KBC 2012

The agency estimates the opening weekend ratings at 5.4 TVR among Adults (15 years+, SEC ABC, All India)

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | September 6, 2012

MEC, a leading media buying and planning agency and a founding partner of Group M, announced their estimation of television ratings for the popular show Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) which premieres this week.

Geetha Shiv, National Director, Analytics & Insight, MEC says “The performance of this season of KBC will be followed closely by media and clients given that last season had helped Sony displace competition. MEC’s initiative in estimating ratings of such high expectation properties like IPL, World Cup and now KBC, is part of our endeavour to deliver insights that help our clients in formulating their investment decisions.”

Continuing on the success of IPL rating estimation, MEC partnering Meritus Analytics India Ltd has taken up the challenge of estimating KBC ratings. Unlike the IPL, which had a consistent history, KBC has seen changes in the broadcast channel, time band and anchor over the years.

MEC hence had to recast factors that could influence viewership. The approach used for KBC was based on past learning from IPL estimation and the fact that increase in TVRs for a new program is due to a combination of increase in PUT (People Using Television) and people already viewing Television moving to the new program from their regular programming. MEC and Meritus built a statistical model using a set of TV shows to understand the factors affecting PUT and channel share for such non-sports programs.

The key influencing factors delineated are:

  • Program Promotions on the channel, network and also other channels
  • Promotion across other media like Radio and Newspapers
  • Search volume index as a measure of viewer buzz
  • The base channel share of the airing channel

Based on this methodology, the estimate of KBC rating for the opening weekend is 5.4 TVR among Adults (15 years+, SEC ABC, All India). This is a 10% increase over the opening TVR of 4.9 in the last season.

MEC estimates that the program will deliver higher than last year due to 3 reasons.

  1. Sony as a channel has grown its viewership base since the launch of KBC last year. Therefore the base viewership for the channel is at a higher level compared to the last season.
  2. Search volumes indicate that the buzz is almost double of last season.
  3. Also the fact that the show has moved to the weekend without clashing with the weekly soaps could add to viewership.

Sunder Muthuraman, Managing Partner, Meritus Analytics commented “For big properties where the cost of association is high, the rating the program delivers can be looked at as a very simple measure of ROI. We have used best in class statistical methods to estimate KBC ratings.

Our finding that KBC advertising on other channels had the highest impact on the increased PUT of the program time slot seems to suggest that substantial part of the increased rating is likely from viewers of other channels and time bands tuning into Sony during KBC.”

Meritus’ experience in analytics coupled with MEC’s experience in consumer insights has been exceedingly successful in estimating IPL and World Cup Cricket ratings in the last 4 seasons. This specialist experience is now being expanded to other television programming and will continue to provide tangible benchmarks for advertisers to base decision making on.


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