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History TV18 brings documentary on Neil Armstrong

The special programming premieres on Wednesday, August 29 at 7 pm

August 28, 2012:

In the Shadow of the Moon is a documentary marvel, bringing together some fascinating tales of manned missions to the Moon accomplished by United States of America.

Late 1960s to early 1970s is considered to be an epic phase for US’s Moon mission, wherein nine American spacecraft voyaged to the Moon, and 12 men walked on its surface.  This gripping documentary captures personal testimonials of the crew-members, astronauts who made it successfully to the surface outside the ambit of the earth. This is indeed a priced possession, as it brings together for the first time and perhaps the last time, surviving crew members from every single Apollo mission to the Moon. In the Shadow of the Moon encapsulates astonishingly expressive, humorous, emotional and individual narrations of their expedition to the moon.  These personal testimonies are interlaced with digitally remastered footage from Nasa film archives. Most of these footages are previously unseen and is definitely an eloquent portrayal of a bygone period.

Experience the tragedy and triumph of one of humanity's great achievements, through a chronicle of a moving, nostalgic and inspiring cinematic work.

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