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DID Little Masters Season 2 winner is Faisal Khan

Om Chetry remained at No. 2 followed by Rohan Parkale at No. 3, Soumya Rai at No. 4 and Jeet Das at No. 5

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | August 13, 2012

As the live audience of over five thousand cheered wildly at the Balewadi Sports Complex, Pune, millions of TV viewers from across the country joined in the celebration from home as young Faisal Khan of Mumbai was declared the winner of Zee TV’s ‘Knorr Soupy Noodles DID L’il Masters powered by LR Active’! In an intense, nerve-racking finish, Faisal who belongs to Prince Ki Paltan was voted the winner by millions of fans from across the nation. The rirst runner up of DID Little Masters season 2 was Om Chetry while Rohan Parkale was declared second runner up. Soumya Rai stood at No. 4 and Jeet Das at No. 5.

Superstar Akshay Kumar was the star attraction at the glitzy evening along with Grandmaster Mithun Da, judges Marzi Pestonji and Geeta Kapur, ace choreographers Farah Khan and Terence Lewis. The winner was presented the coveted ‘KB3’ Cup.

Akshay Kumar who unveiled the first look of his forthcoming film 'Oh My God' at the Grand Finale of DID L'il Masters was so floored by the super-talented 5 finalists that he made all 5 of them an offer on the spot - He promised them a chance to be a part of an exciting promotional dance video of 'Oh My God'! Needless to say, the kids were thrilled to bits.

Not many 13-year-olds can claim to have fans in Bollywood, but Faisal Khan has done just that! And today with the winner’s hat perched firmly on his head, he has come out a winner far ahead of the rest! At the Mumbai audition, he left Master Geeta Kapur in tears with his brilliant performance. She wished that she was blessed with a child like Faisal and his inborn talent for dance. Abhishek Bachchan & Ritesh Deshmukh were raving about his fluid movements and charming expressions and have been following his progress on the show right from the audition. Whether it is his artistry with props or the ease with which he makes even the most complicated dance look simple, Faisal is one electric performer who has won himself a legion of dedicated fans!

The evening of the finale was marked by some breathtaking performances by each of the Top 5 finalists, their skippers and Masters Geeta Kapur and Marzi Pestonji. While Faisal paid tribute to the golden era of films in his performance, l’il Om was up to his tricks and stunts with a performance that featured malkhamb, lathis and … hold your breath … a human pyramid! Rohan's performance literally was electrifying as he made the lights on stage dance to the same tunes that he performed to. Soumya danced like a gorgeous doll with her performance that transformed the stage into a mini Chinatown complete with dragons, chinese lanterns and umbrellas. Jeet made sure that he paid his idol the ultimate tribute as he danced to a medley of Michael Jackson songs with a 15 foot statue of Michael Jackson appearing on stage. Each of the skippers too added their own flair and punch to performances of their own. While Prince took Raghav head on in a takkar set in a junkyard, Neerav and Kruti were joined by Terrence Lewis and “chik chik” girl Shreya in a lively medley of Chikni Chameli, Banjara and kombdi palali. In keeping with the theme that ran through the season, surprisingly, the mummies of each of the contestants also joined Jay Bhanushali and Marzi Pestonji on stage to dance to Aare Pritam Pyaare and Auntyji.

Commenting on the Grand Finale of the immensely successful show, Ashish Golwalkar, Head – Non-fiction Programming, Zee TV said, “Heartiest Congratulations to Faisal. With the latest season of DID L’il Masters, Dance India Dance, as a brand, has set new benchmarks in the realms of reality programming. The show has enjoyed an extremely consistent, week-on-week leadership over competition. Despite several reality shows featuring prominent Bollywood celebrities launching in its course, the show has towered head and shoulders above the rest purely on merit of content, the unadulterated innocence of these kids and their sheer brilliance as dancers. My best wishes to all the finalists for their future endeavors.”

The entire country watched the L’il Masters dance since its launch with dropped jaws and said a collective "Wow"! Zee TV’s DID L’il Masters premiered with a grand opening of 5.8 TVR and went on to soar even higher on television viewership charts with a fabulous 6.2 TVR in the second week of its telecast. And till date, these li’l powerhouses of talent have ruled the popularity charts, making the show the undisputed King of all reality shows. Swirling up a magical blend of jaw-dropping dance acts one could never have imagined kids to be able to perform, DID L’il Masters has been a delight to watch and very logically the ruler of the TRP charts!

Master Geeta Kapur and Marzi Pestonji have been the judges along with Grandmaster Mithun Dada. The talented children who made it to the ‘Top 16’ this year have been mentored, groomed and choreographed by their ‘Skippers’ who are popular contestants from the previous seasons of Dance India Dance. The skippers have been the king of Slow Motion dance - Raghav aka Crockroaz, the “Prince” of Locking and Popping from Season 1 of Dance India Dance, Neerav Bavlecha, the quintessential chocolate boy of DID Season 3 and Kruti Mahesh, the exceptionally gifted classical dancer from Season 2. Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sonakshi Sinha, Prabhudeva, Shahid Kapur, Priyanka Chopra, Abhishek Bachchan, Karisma Kapur, Ajay Devgn, Ritesh Deshmukh and Tushar Kapoor have been celebrity guests on the show and just haven’t been able to resist the charm of the li’l ones.

Another highlight was the staggering count of downloads that the DID L’il Masters mobile application  generated. With attractive new features like LIVE chats with the masters and personalized dance tutorials by the skippers of the show, more than 3 Lakh smartphone users across the country downloaded the exciting app!    Beyond providing users latest updates from the show at their fingertips, the newly introduced features that captured public imagination and upped the number of downloads were LIVE chats with the Masters and skippers, as well as the personalized dance tutorials from the four skippers on the show. The easy voting feature resulted in the contestants drawing a staggering 5,61,00,000 votes across the entire season.

Apart from the priceless exposure and the golden opportunity to showcase their talent in front of the country, the finalists of DID L’il Masters have walked away with a bounty of prizes. While the winner takes home a scholarship of Rs 10 Lakhs from LR Active and a gift hamper from Knorr Soupy Noodles, the first runner-up won a 5 Lakh scholarship and a gift hamper. The second runner-up received a scholarship of Rs 3 Lakhs and a gift hamper.

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  • sherkhan- 9 years ago

    the king ... fsl khn. cng.fnd...... bst of luck

  • DEEKSHA- 9 years ago


  • Faheem Raja- 9 years ago

    Faisal Khan I Like the most you and your dance really . I wish that your future will be bright " INSHA ALLHA"

  • Kausar Ahme- 9 years ago

    Congratulations! Faisal. Keep it up. Allah tumhare saath hain.

  • Adi- 9 years ago

    This was one of the worst judgement in DID history. Faisal was good but not the best. Biast judge like Geeta and judgement should be avoided for the future competition. All knew that Rohan, Sumiya and Om were much better dancers than Faisal. Good Luck DID. Hope the same face in Judges will be changed.

  • Datin Fatim- 9 years ago

    Congratulations Faisal khan for winning the DID LIL MASTERS SEASON 2 competition. You really deserved to win. I'm from Malaysia we never missed this programme but it was not telecast live to other countries. I just got the news from my cousins in India. You are a champion and hope u do yr best in yr future . Luv fr yr Malaysian fans.

  • yalda- 9 years ago

    faisal u really r a superstar of dance... i LOVE YOU and ur dance u deserved to win DID little master i really prayed for u alot and i really wanted u to win and my wish come true and i m really happy for u dear.... love u <3

  • yalda- 9 years ago

    LOVE YOU faizal khan the real winner :)

  • prince- 9 years ago

    it s not fair

  • Ashok kakad- 9 years ago

    maze voting survatipasun faisel hote keep it up india

  • sunita- 9 years ago

    aasam fesal!ur great

  • rahul- 9 years ago

    faisal se achchha dance rohan ka hai...... rohan is goooooood dancer.......

  • Munavvar Kh- 9 years ago


  • rahul- 9 years ago

    rohan is better than faisal.

  • Harjit Divj- 9 years ago

    Congratulation to Faizal, im your also a big fan from Malaysia. I watch u live ystrdy on TV, and was keeping my finger cross till you won. Love u beta. May Allah bless u alwayz... Have a great year ahead... :0

  • rahul vishw- 9 years ago

    rohan is better dancer than faisal.

  • Digambar- 9 years ago

    I m satisfied with the result, the little thing that hurt my heart was for SOMYA , i expected to be runner up....

  • mohammeddan- 9 years ago

    india ka did little master faisal khan wish you all the best .and god bless you.i love faisal dance

  • naveenKumar- 9 years ago

    this is one of worst result from judjes they did partiality with other Participants, Bcz everyone knows dt faizal is good but nt best dn the jeet,rohan even Sumiya rohan nd sumiya are d real competator, plz dnt repeat dis kind f judgament again, people will stop t watch nd support the DID... best f luck

  • PARTHIV- 9 years ago


  • Priyanka- 9 years ago

    Congrats Faisal. GOD bless U. And All the very best for your future.

  • Alaka Suvar- 9 years ago

    its unfair with soumya... she deserves 1st or 2nd place.

  • Rekha- 9 years ago

    I am proud of you Faizal best of luck, Congratulation Prince

  • neelam sing- 9 years ago

    hii Faisal. me apka show suru se dekh rahi hu jab se ap audotion dene ae the mere family me dance ko koi imp nai di jati hai kuki ham rajput hai tab bi me e show dekhti thi and tommorow i am so happy ki ap winner ho gae ho ,,,,thanks pl hamesa aise hi rehna ok.

  • muskan sahu- 9 years ago

    u so sweet faisal and real winner . congrates...u all time support ur parentsssss.

  • kriti shukl- 9 years ago

    All the best Faisal hum aapke bahut badhe fan hai i love you and all the best

  • MAHVEEN- 9 years ago


  • kriti shukl- 9 years ago

    All the best faisal hau tumhare bahut badhe fan hai i love you and all the best.

  • Jyoti- 9 years ago


  • MAHVEEN- 9 years ago

    congrats Faisal&prince.......u r d king of d dance.............keep dancing. ALL THE BEST FOR UR FUTURE.......

  • jagabandhu - 9 years ago

    congrats Faisal , me thumara bahat bada fan hu, me pehele se jata tha ki mera superstar faisal winner hogg faisel god bless u

  • Deepa- 9 years ago

    CONGRATES FAISAL...We are PROUD to have such a talented Dancers in INDIA like you... GOD BLESS YOU and 4 your FUTURE...:)

  • jagabandhu - 9 years ago

    CONGRATULATIONS faisal me thumara bahat bada fan hu mujhe pata tha ki mesa super star faisal winner hoga god bless u faisal

  • deepti k- 9 years ago

    Somya deserves to be in 2nd place.She has a dance with grace.Om is only gud at stunts rather gymnastic.

  • Sowmya- 9 years ago

    Congrats Faisal....M big fan of yours...keep up the spirit of dancing...All the very best:):)

  • tanushree- 9 years ago

    mumbai ka shaan faizal khan ,,,,u just rocked the stage india is really proud of u :)

  • arunverma- 9 years ago

    congratulation Faisal Khan

  • DID Fan- 9 years ago

    Yayyy Faisal won! Happy for him and Prince. So scared when it was just Om and him. Sad that Rohan or Soumya never came second. I thought Om would come last not second.

  • Manveen Kau- 9 years ago

    I love you Faisal and Prince...... You guys are true ROCKSTARS........... mmmmmmuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhsssssssss

  • zakir- 9 years ago

    mubarako mumbai ki shaannnnnn FAISAL KHAN . yaad karna itna aasan nahi hota. bina rehna itna aasan nai hota. jo koi dost ek baar dil ko chu jaye us ko bhulana b itna aasan nahi hota. allha aap ki har dua pure kare ameen...... RAMZAN MUBARAK

  • Niveditha- 9 years ago

    Faisal is a good dancer but it was really shocking 2 see rohan and saumya in 3rd and 4th place. they r better than faisal. But it happens when judgement is done by audience vote..they'll vote the person whom they like..not the 1 who is best

  • shahu kate- 9 years ago

    congrate faisal and best of luck for life

  • shiny franc- 9 years ago

    congrate faisal

  • siddiq pash- 9 years ago

    faisal allah kare tum aise hi aaga badte jaoo aur kamyabi tumhare kadam chume aamin summa aamin

  • gargi- 9 years ago

    well done faizal you and saumya were my favourite and you won the prize and i am happy for that

  • Arjun Sharm- 9 years ago

    Om u r great dancer wish u all the best for 2nd position, no one can challange to anybody but u r the kids of 7 years old can challange 2 every one, no body can do that accepts Akshay kumar, welldone Om God bless u.

  • deepa- 9 years ago

    CONGRATULATIONS FAISAL.................

  • Shankar- 9 years ago

    Though happy about Faizal winning, feel disappointed for Rohan & Soumya. Best wishes to all 5 Masters !

  • chanchal- 9 years ago

    congratulation to all top 5 team............... all deserve first position as they do dance in their own style .....

  • Deep Naraya- 9 years ago

    Congratulations Faisal, Best of luck for your career ahead & thanks to Zee TV for showing us this type of entertaining program. Hope to watch again this type of tough competition....

  • subhpreet- 9 years ago

    congrtz faisal.... u desrv it bro nd u r d best dancer.. keep it up :)

  • mahesh pate- 9 years ago

    verry good dear i love you?

  • Vishal vaso- 9 years ago

    CONGRATULATION..! Faisal, Fabulous performers... Keep it up.... U won the DID Little Master Seasons 2.

  • reyaansh- 9 years ago

    congrats faisal khan, i know that only u will win DID little championsip...........

  • manisha ran- 9 years ago

    congrats u soooooo much....i m extremely happy for u.....

  • Shweta- 9 years ago

    Like as usual the person who should deserve to win the competition didn't win.. I m not really satisfied with the results.. And Geeta being a judge i think she didnt do the judge role properly.. In my point of view i believe she wanted Faisal to win.. There were other contestants who was better than him..

  • ANAND . K. - 9 years ago

    it is fix.. Like as usual the person who should deserve to win the competition didn’t win.. I m not really satisfied with the results.. And Geeta being a judge i think she didnt do the judge role properly.. In my point of view i believe she wanted Faisal to win.. There were other contestants who was better than him.This was one of the worst judgement in DID history.

  • Rajat Tomar- 9 years ago

    u deserve it faisal , but for your coming life todi nako phodi nako bhuko kari nako

  • I LOVE FAIS- 9 years ago


  • Jagat singh- 9 years ago

    Geeta aur marji sadi kar ke faisal ko god lenge..kitna galat hai ki in dono ne masum bachcho ke dil toda..faisal kahi se v winner nahi hai..tandav aur fom heart dance me galti karke v tarif aur OM fire dance me dare kar ke v dant..shame geeta shame shame marji..

  • Samantha- 9 years ago

    I love om, i think he deserved it very much, he did the most stunts that probs nobody could do on DID ! He's only frickin 7 !!! And for the ppl saying he should be last, who the hell are you to judge if the kids on DID dont mind then why are you judging ! Im not from India, i live in America so i couldnt vote but i defs think that the voting was infair and Geeta was unfair to the other kids as well, i really dont like her, from the beginning she wanted Faisal to win, which was totally unfair to the other contestants ! But all the 5 kids are great dancers, we shouldnt say or choose who's better than who! I love Om he's a really cute and nice kid, so for the ppl that are saying he should be last, shut up ! All the kids were amazing ! Faisal did win maybe cuz of geeta but its all over with now, hes the wonner face the fact, Rohan & soumya were great dancers as well, but dont judge kids, if yiur seriously judging the lil kids that dont really mind then why are grown ups making such a big deal outta it, you guys are such immatures ! The voting seems fixed, we spend our money to win and vote for them, and they play with our votes, this is not done, But like i said All 5 kids were amazing we shouldnt choose who's better than who, but should be happy for these kids, for representing us Indians and making us proud :)

  • Shannon- 9 years ago

    Om is a great dancer !!! And to all of you that are saying that Om should be last then why don't you guys try doing all the stunts, and challenges that this lil 7 yr old boy did !!! He could've gotten much better choreography if maybe he wasn't in Kruti's Crackers ! Its not his fault if he wasnt taught that well he could've learnt much more. As for Geeta i really dont think she should be a judge in the future shes probably the only reason why Faisal won, Faisal is a good dancer we get it, but Geeta shouldnt keep on saying it over & over again on every episode, I live in America so i cant vote, but to all of you voting in India i think that the voting is fixed, i've never missed a single episode in DID ever and the ones who should win, dont i think the voting is fixed, they play with our votes, after we spend so much money to vote and make our favorites win! Geeta obviously wanted Faisal she even wrote on twitter to vote for him! so unfair to all the other kids, shes not fit to be a judge, i think that all the 5 kids are amazing dancers and they all deserved to win, but the trophy only goes to 1 right? I personally love Om very much, hes so adorable and has a bright personality, Soumya & Rohan, were great dancers as well, but why should we fight and judge over whos better than who when the kids in the competition dont mind?! For me all the kids are EQUAL! We should look at they're dance not who's our favorite, but after all we never do that now do we? We always vote for who's our favorite! So plz stop saying that this kid should have won over this kid, or this child should have been in this position instead of this child, becasue i honestly doubt that we could do what these kids to at such a young age! We should be proud of all the kids in the competition for raising our Indian name, and making us proud to be indians :)

  • Shannon- 9 years ago

    I love Om, he was my favorite on the show, i think all the kids in the competition from the very beginning were very good, and instead of fighting over who should've won over who, or who is/was better than who we should just accept the fact that Faisal won even though he maybe shouldn't have, we all know he got more votes due to "Geeta Maa" he was always her favorite! I think that the voting in DID is fixed, Soumya & Rohan were really good as well, and they deserve to win too, but theres only one person in the end that gets the trophy! Dont forget that, so stop putting the other kids in the competition down and saying this child is better than this child, cuz if the kids themselves dont mind then why are we fighting and making such a big deal outta it?! And agreed @ Adi, Rohan, Soumya, & Om were good dancers too! Stop saying that he shouldve been last ppl, i DOUBT! that you guys can do stunts and dance like this 7 yr old child did! if you cant then just SHUT UP and dont judge !!! All 5 kids were outstanding ! So dont compare ANY CHILD! cuz in my eyes all kids are the same! Too bad that i couldnt vote since im not from india, i live in America, but if i could vote i would vote for the child that DANCES well not for my FAVORITE one. you see theres a difference, but unlike indias audience they only vote for their favorite, or if that person is from theyre hometown, this isn't fair voting. And since the voting is fixed theres no point in voting anyways, why we waste our money when in the end its only gonna go to waste? But my only point is stop comparing kids and saying so and so is better than so and so... its not fair, theres a reason they've come so far! and if you cant dance like these kids then dont judge !!!

  • asma- 9 years ago

    congratulation faisal khan all the best

  • Kareena- 9 years ago

    Faisal i always thought u would win from the day i saw your audition! you are like the cutest thing i saw! srry i called you a thing and congratulation for winning! plus I LOVE YOU! i always had a crush on you since the day i saw your face!

  • Houri Hamsh- 9 years ago

    Hai did lil masters , i love theat show . i loved shalini dancing . she is tooo cute. vowe her expressions . her dancing. if she id not winner its ok. i love shallini. she is quite girl. all the best shalini . ilove u.