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Mindshare Launches CORE

It is a user centric and open source data driven marketing intelligence platform that revolutionises marketing decision making

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | June 21, 2012

Mindshare, the global media network, together with a roster of best in class technology and data partners (see below), has created CORE – a first of its kind user-centric and open source data-driven marketing intelligence platform that empowers both analysts and non-technical users to make informed marketing spend, audience targeting and creative optimisation decisions across all touch points in real-time.

CORE enables marketers to mix their business intelligence (CRM, sales and supply chain) data with an integrated single source of marketing intelligence. This single source contains media channel spend and performance data; social data; paid and owned media audience data; in-stream data; third party (household expenditure / demographic / online behaviours, etc) data and real-time trading data. When mixed with the business intelligence, this reveals consumer actions and insight at a granular level, eradicating the guesswork, latency and siloed nature of marketing-spend decision making.

CORE’s single source data stream is created by bringing together all the media data and consumer insight capabilities of Mindshare and the leading global 3rd party data enhancement services (see below), to create an always-on data resource, which when mixed with brand held data, delivers actionable insights to marketers in real-time.

Having already proved itself in initial client testing CORE is now ready for deployment to Mindshareclients across the world.

Nick Emery, CEO, Mindshare Worldwide said: “We have invested heavily in developing CORE because we believe it is the future of marketing. We are bringing together state of the art technology providers to truly deliver real time business and media data.  Everyone claims this with some empty dashboard, we are doing it.  It’s a step change for our industry and I’m proud that we are leading the charge.”

Steve Plimsoll, CTO Mindshare Worldwide and CORE project leader said: “By leveraging insight and requirements from across Mindshare’s global network and client base in the design and the cherry picking the global best in class technology and data providers for the development we’ve been able to create an enviable solution that delivers institutional marketing intelligence across all aspects of the marketing ecosystem, be they above or below the line, product or consumer centric. Gone are the traditional data silos / black boxes and the need for complicated coding or middle men (IT) historically needed for marketing professionals to access or ask questions of the data. Data now truly is at their fingertips.”

Sandeep Pandey, Principal Partner, Consulting, Analytics & Intelligence,Mindshare India said: “Data analytics have assumed the status of a strategic tool over the last few years and a meaningful analytics exercise involves the generation of insights through data modeling. To me half the battle is won if you have robust consumer knowledge from disparate sources of data and CORE is built to facilitate exactly that for our clients. Indian businesses are increasingly adopting analytics in their processes to improve efficiency and profits and we believe CORE would help us achieve that”

Also, Exponential Interactive, the global digital advertising company, has joined the network of advertising technology, data and service providers powering a new ‘marketing intelligence platform’ from global media network Mindshare.

Exponential’s e-X Advertising Intelligence Platform, which enables the audience insights and targeting capabilities of the company’s audience engagement divisions, including global online advertising provider Tribal Fusion, will add rich audience segmentation and targeting data to the new system.

Mindshare describes the new platform, CORE, as a “a first-of-its-kind, user-centric and open source data-driven marketing intelligence platform that empowers both analysts and non-technical users to make informed marketing spend, audience targeting and creative optimization decisions across all touch points in real-time.”

Tim Brown, chief product officer at Exponential, said: “Exponential will help Mindshare’s CORE platform benefit from the ability to find and connect with a brand’s audiences based on their identified online interests and intentions.

“We will also be able to help the clients of CORE reach those exact audiences across display, video and mobile at global scale through our audience engagement divisions, which include Tribal Fusion, AdoTube, Appsnack and Firefly Video.”

Steve Plimsoll, CTO of Mindshare Worldwide and CORE project leader, said: “To provide marketers with insight into the web behavior and activity history of their audiences while outside of their owned media CORE has integrated Exponential’s global data feed to provide individual consumer-level insight against owned and paid media interactions at a granular level. This now enables audience modelling against not just how consumers interact with media we control but also against their broader activities across the internet.”

Other partners powering the new platform include Acxiom, Adobe and Nielsen.

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