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When Cheil designed ‘Paparazzi’ for Samsung camera

‘Would you like to be a superstar?’ guerrilla campaign gained tremendous buzz in South Korea

Ananya Saha | Delhi | May 29, 2012

Samsung Electronics wanted to do something unique and create enough buzz as well for its new camera. And Cheil Korea came up with ‘The Paparazzi Campaign’ for the Samsung NX 200 camera.

Art Director Seungyon Chung said, “Samsung Camera NX 200 has very straight-forward features – easy to carry, high-quality images. How to deliver this message to Korean youngsters who are very trend-sensitive was the biggest task.”

Cheil launched an interesting campaign, wherein ‘paparazzi’ was hired to take photos of people in Sinsa-dong, which is one of the hottest areas in Seoul. What they did was to tag a QR code sticker and run away. When the person scanned the QR code, the photo appeared on the smartphone. It really made people feel like a star!

This ‘guerrilla’ promotion went on for three hours on March 11, 2012. “After that, we ran a Facebook page until March 21 where we posted people's photos and also created an online poll to select the most popular photo,” Chung added.

What made the campaign a success is that consumers scanned the QR code and posted photos on to Facebook using their own smartphones. “Without smartphones, the campaign would not have been successful,” said Chung.

The buzz apart, did it result in increased sales for the camera? Chung answered, “In March 2012, there were a few other NX 200 promotions, so it is difficult to say that only this single campaign led to sales success. But the single point is that the young generation did experience fun with NX200.”

The unique part about the campaign was the use of QR codes. Even as there are lots of campaigns using QR code, no other campaign has used QR code on a real-time basis. The ‘paparazzi’ campaign was also very interactive.

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Agency: Cheil Worldwide, Seoul

Creative Director: Thomas Hong-tack Kim

Copywriter: Yu-Hyun Lee, Jung Suck Lee

Art Director: Seungyon Chung, Cinjae Whang

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