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Mobile Video Commercial & election campaigns

BJP used MVC in its digital campaigns during Assembly Elections and recently concluded Delhi MCD Elections

Mobile Video Commercial & election campaigns

BJP used MVC in its digital campaigns during Assembly Elections and recently concluded Delhi MCD Elections

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | May 1, 2012

Clear winner of the recently concluded Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections, Bharatiya Janta party used Mobile Video Commercial (MVC) downloads and Mobile Internet very effectively in its Digital Campaigns during the course of Assembly Elections and recently concluded Delhi MCD Elections. The MVC, a mobile video made with a combination of BJP’s TV commercials and key election slogans, was downloaded by millions of individuals within a short span of time in both the elections. Using the services of, the BJP election message found a permanent place in consumer’s mobile, thereby enabling permanent recall with repeated reminder of the key campaign issues.

The campaign’s accomplishments were massive as it covered almost all mobile brands' handset users and therefore captured different audience each time across various operators. For the Delhi MCD elections alone, more than 35 million mobile internet impressions were served within a week and were probably seen 6-7 times by every mobile internet active user in the capital region. The campaign achieved a peak download rate of more than 25,000 mobile videos download in a single day.

It was also observed that the usage was not just limited to high-end smartphones. In fact, the MVC were downloaded from 600 different types of handsets, covering all popular and not-so-popular brands, with price ranging from less than 3000/- entry level phones to mid-level feature phones and high end smartphones and tablets. The campaign reached the youth and working professional from all sections of society. was used as a platform to publish and distribute Campaign Videos on the mobile and we were very impressed with the millions of downloads across vast spectrum of mobile handsets indicating a very broad reach of this medium”.  Arvind Gupta, National Head of BJP’s Technology Team believes that this is a medium which is very ubiquitous and pervasive. It will be deployed much more in the coming Digital Campaigns and mobile video commercial (MVC) would become an integral part of marketing campaigns.

“The convenience of a video playback on handset, anyplace and anytime, makes the MVC media very consumer friendly. This is the reason that people are always willing to download videos of interest on their mobile and keep it for ready reference in future. We are very happy to be associated with Bharatiya Janta Party for a very successful Delhi MCD campaign” says Suresh Kabra, Founder,

The active mobile internet population in India is growing exponentially and expected to exceed 150 million users by 2015. Mobile Video Commercial (MVC) download presents a unique way for the brands to communicate with this group in almost a peer-to-peer mode, leading to high recall and sustained customer engagement.

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