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Indian consumers seek out brands signifying success and achievement

A study by Clear, part of the M&C Saatchi Group, finds Mercedes, Apple, Microsoft and Sony rank in top brands

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | April 30, 2012

Brand Desire, a groundbreaking global brand study launched this month by Clear, has revealed that the brand promises and brand personalities that consumers in India and China are attracted to may not be quite what global brands currently realise.

For the second year in a row, Clear, part of the M&C Saatchi Group, has investigated exactly what makes brands so desirable. The unique study featured interviews with over 22,000 people, covering 555 brands, and covering 6 global markets, of which included 5,000 consumers in China and India.

The survey reveals a strong desire for brands that embody success and achievement. Luxury, technology and media brands rank highly with Microsoft , BMW, Google, Apple, Adidas, Mercedes, Audi, Disney, Sony, IBM are on top of the heap making it into India's top 10 most desirable brands. While most of these are new to the Indian market, a set of brands that have topped its category are those that have been around for decades and have been ingrained in the consumers' psyche, these include Cadbury's in food and drink, Johnson & Johnson in personal care, Taj in leisure, Dettol in home care and Complan in health care.

"Our research into what drives Brand Desire reveals what makes brands more successful than others in these two markets, and indeed around the world," said Charlotte Wilkinson, MD of Clear Singapore, "While India and China have much in common in seeking out branded goods and services, the secrets of brand success seem to lie in a deeper understanding of the differences."

Despite being culturally different, many brands approach China and India nations in similar ways, targeting those who have increasing disposable income and aspirations with similar branded propositions. Consumers in both these markets are attracted to brands that display confident, ambitious and modern personalities. This is understandable since both nations have a rapidly rising demand for products from the west.

Having said that, there also exist clear differences in the 'qualities' consumers seek in brands, while Chinese consumers prefer brands that are fun and carefree, and allow them to express their own style, Indian consumers desire brands that are hard-working and practical.

With a huge middle class demographic enjoying the fruits of a resurgent India, brands are speaking a language of achievement, success and pride in their brand code. Indians are beginning to desire brands that are confident, modern and ambitious, brands that celebrate success and show you have 'made it' in life.

"The results highlight the challenge of building a consistent brand image that works across different markets," said Clear's Regional MD, Oliver Cartwright, adding, "Just because you have two groups of aspiring consumers, doesn't mean they aspire to have the same things."

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