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Hari Sadu is back – that too with a vengeance!

To spread the message about its mobile app and site, has unveiled a new campaign that continues with tongue-in-cheek humour and an unreasonable boss

Neha Saraiya | Delhi | January 31, 2012’s Hari Sadu has personified the bad and unreasonable boss for years. After traumatising his employees for long, we will now get to see a new avatar of him, which is more devilish in nature! The reason for anger this time is the introduction of ‘job search’ by on mobile, enabling job seekers to search and apply for jobs straight from their handphones.

To convey the message about its new offering, the job portal has unveiled a new campaign that shows the frustration of Hari Sadu towards a medium that allows his employee to seek better opportunities. Some of the ways adopted by him to stop his employees from new job chances range from burning the employee’s phone in microwave, blowing the phone off while playing football or striking it with a golf stick. Stemming from the creative thought that ‘your boss will hate it’, the campaign has been conceived by DraftFCB.

Commenting on the insight for the new campaign, Sumeet Singh, VP - Marketing, Strategic Alliances & Corporate Communications, Info Edge India, said, “The world is changing fast and we realised that for job seekers mobile was a big need. Since job sites are blocked in offices, websites like cannot be accessed from offices. So we thought that it would be a good message to take out through the campaign -- that is now available through apps and mobile.”

Continuing with its popular theme of boss-employee friction, the campaign includes a trilogy of 25-second films titled ‘Blast’, ‘Golf’ and ‘Whistle’. Being a company operating in the online domain, the brand has chosen the digital medium as its launch pad. The campaign first broke on the Facebook page of on January 25, 2012 and will be soon followed by TV in the first week of February.

Sanjay Sharma, Creative Director, DraftFCB, said,The creative brief from was that they were launching a mobile app leading to the availability of jobs anywhere and anytime. Thus, we decided to play up the fact that every boss fears losing his competent employees. We just wanted to give a nice tone to the whole picture.”

While the earlier campaigns were more thematic in nature, this time the agency has decided to go for a tactical campaign with the same strategy and idea. Also, like most of its previous commercials that have been in English, catering to its net savvy TG, the latest campaign too has used English to communicate the message. The story of the commercials revolve round a background song, composed, written and sung by Siddharth Sikand, who also happens to be the director of the film. The background song has catchy lyrics like ‘The road to success depends on your fate, sometimes its curvy, sometimes much delayed......”

Singh added that the humour in commercials is witty in nature and not nonsensical. She said, “We could have done the campaign as a plain and simple product TVC, talking about our features on the app or mobile site. But we chose to do it the Naukri way, the brand route which is all about employee-boss connection.”

The campaign will also be marketed through’s database of job seekers. The agency has also planned an on-ground activation programme for the campaign with a fun contest on Facebook.

The TVC:




Creative: Sanjay Sharma

Servicing: Amarinder Butalia, MN Damodaran, Nidhi Agrawal, Akshita Gopinath

Production house: Bang Bang Films

Director: Siddharth Sikand

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    How stupid. Duh..