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Movie Review: Don 2, Bigger and Badder!

The sequel however, glorified Don and made him bigger and badder!

Movie Review: Don 2, Bigger and Badder!

By Jyotsna Kumar

December 24, 2011:

Its prequel had a story. A story with an interesting twist. Suggesting, how a remake is supposed to be. The sequel however, glorified Don and made him bigger and badder!

Yes! Don 2 takes off from where it left- the rise of a dashing evil. In more ways than one Don 2 has certainly glorified Don and his Donisms with zany one liners like- Aap meri Maa ko nahi jaante the. Don ke dushmano ko yeh pata hona chaahiye ki Don kabhi kuch nahi bhultaa. And yes! It is only fair to say that Don is the new bad boy of Bollywood. His mind games, his slick movements, his mannerisms, the overall persona is nothing less than James Bond, and that too without gadgets. But he does need his close encounters with his Dushmans and beautiful, ravishing, sexy Junglee Billis.

It’s not fair if I talk about the storyline of Don 2 as there are plenty, intriguing twists and turns to this tale, which I don’t wish to ruin. Moreover, the film is about Don rather than a narrative. The sequel only builds up and shapes up the character more than anything else. But what I can offer is to inform you about the pace of the film.

Don 2 moves at a racing pace. Almost like a video game. The first half and especially Don’s entry into the frame is interesting. The second half is packed with interesting whirlpool of events. Constantly reminding you of Ocean’s trilogy and amazing James Bond thrillers. However, I felt that the climax was bit too stretched. There are two chapters or episodes to it- a penultimate and the ultimate. And there, I think Farhan Akhtar got bit carried away with the character. He took a lot of time to sum up the character or film climax per se.

SRK as Don has truly given his shade of grey. As Mohan Bhargav in Swades his earnestness came across. With Don we see his evil side, something similar to what we witnessed in Baazigar and Darr. The only difference is that over a period of time that negative streak in him matures.  Therefore as Don, he looks more prepared and calm when he takes on his enemies.

Farhan Akhtar’s writing is intelligent. The direction, cinematography, editing add thrill. What’s interesting is how well Don (the prequel) is interwoven in this flick. Almost driving you to the Don’s past. Let’s hope the character he built up so well, never dies. Let’s hope there’ll be Don Series, just like James Bond. And let’s hope in those series he gets a tough competition.  Somebody who could challenge his mind games, at par.

Lara Dutta as Don’s Muse is impressive. Music is not. The good thing that there are only one or two tracks in the film. And so, they hardly act as speed breakers. Action sequences are well orchestrated.  Kunal Kapoor isn’t an eye candy this time. But his performance is impressive. Boman Irani as Vardhaan looked like a predator.

So this weekend get ready for some slick action. Cool and zany Donisms. Sleek and stylish packaging. Go and enjoy the cool mind games in Don 2 but not in 3D. Yes! Don 2 is not worth in 3D but otherwise, it’s worth your penny!



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