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TOI campaign aims to wake up Chennai with a fresh brew

The print and TV ad by Taproot tries to bring home the point that packaging of news has to keep in step with the changing environment and reader preferences

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | November 2, 2011

Taproot India has developed a new campaign for The Times of India's Chennai edition. The campaign titled “Wake up to The Times of India” exploits print and TV mediums with four print ads and one television commercial.

For several decades now, Chennai readers have been subjected to morning news that is archaic, mind-numbingly boring and stubbornly orthodox. The brief for the campaign was that this is especially true of late when the city has made dramatic strides towards the new millennium even as one of its leading morning newspapers remains stuck in the cobwebs of time. With all due respect to all things old, the time has come to open one’s eyes to the new world. A reality that The Times of India's Chennai edition not only believes in but delivers faithfully every morning, much like the steaming cup of ‘kaapi’.

Working on this insight, Taproot India has come up with the idea “Chennai! Wake up to The Times of India”. Elaborating on the campaign, Agnello Dias, Co-founder, Taproot India, said, "It is indeed a very interesting advertising task. Highlighting a problem in a creative format has not been done in the recent past. Putting the reader in real life, typical news situations from the morning paper that are so boring, he snores through the morning makes for dramatic imagery. Boredom is quite sluggish to experience but intriguing to watch and that is the engagement point of this commercial. The soundtrack is a legendary Tamil nursery rhyme re-recorded to accentuate boredom, and if you get the words, it’s even more fascinating."

Watch the TVC:


Print ads:


Agency: Taproot India

Creative Team: Agnello Dias, Santosh Padhi, Nivedita Joshi, Kaushik Iyer

Client Servicing: Mandar Sawant

Photography: Amol Jadhav

Production House: Footcandles Films

Director: Ayappa

Producer: Amarjeet Phukan/Anand Menon

Cinematographer: Jason West


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Comments (1)
  • vinod putha- 7 years ago

    Waiting to read times of india news in the varnacular language .Any way the short advert was of high class .