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WMC 2011: Transformation is challenging

Peter A. Kreisky, Chairman, Kreisky media Consultancy, USA discusses the ‘Successful business models for Multi Platform Publishing’

Neha Saraiya | Delhi | October 13, 2011

In his presentation about ‘Successful business models for Multi Platform Publishing’, Peter A. Kreisky, Chairman, Kreisky media Consultancy, USA said, “Something fundamental has changed in the industry.”

In the ‘Vortex’ three changes have happened a) Structural shifts in ad spending b) Web Smartphone tablets c) Recession.

However what remains constant in the case of trusted magazine brands is ‘Curated value content’, ‘Audiences relationships & communities’ along with ‘Multiple business models’.

He stated, “A new identity for a new era. A new term to more clearly describe magazines and their multiplatform businesses.”

He then explained the genesis of ‘magazine media company’ as a ‘blueprint for change’.

These changes includes:-

a)      Move B2C model- From publisher to magazine everywhere. (E.g. Meredith)

b)      Portfolio model- Building scale to owning communities

c)      Aggregation model- Multi title aggregator to harnessing digital eco-systems

d)      B2b Revenues- Advertising sales to integrated marketing services

e)      Consumer Revenue- Circulation of pain content/commerce

Kreisky then quoted, Bob Sauerberg, president of Condé Nast, “We need to find ways to sell access to branded experience.”

Free and paid content models can peacefully co-exist if clearly differentiated.

The transformation happening currently can be supported with enterprise infrastructure, stragety, company culture and management.

The ‘editor’ of a magazine has become ‘content strategist’, ‘publisher’ as ‘brand director’ and ‘Circulation director’ as ‘audience Development director’.

He concluded with the thought, “From disruption can come opportunity.”

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