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WMC 2011: Re-inventing the future of magazine with tablets

Focus on creativity with a rich media experience delivered to the users paying for content

Neha Saraiya | Delhi | October 26, 2011

The first session of the Day titled “E-Publishing: How tablets are re-inventing the future of magazine media” had the panelists including Ralph Buchi, Head of International Division,  Axel Springer, Germany; Neil Morgan, MD, McPheters & Compnay, UK; and Peo Strindlund, VP of sales, Europe & Asia, Mag +, Sweden presenting their views on the current trends in tablet publishing.

The speakers took the audiences to a brief encounter with what initiatives they are doing in the tablet publishing business and how are the consumers reacting to it.

“We put into danger our traditional business levels. But our young reader will be the one who will change the publishing model,” ascertained Ralph Buchi, Head of International Division, Axel Springer, Germany.

He stated five key changes that have accelerated the growth of the segment that includes a) Penetration of mobile devices, b) Tablets giving access to new user groups c) Tablets intensifying the print content d) Users showing willingness to pay e) Long Live advertising.

He also mentioned that how the adaptation of premium content strategy is paying off them well. “The four channels of our successful premium strategy are smart phones, tablets, i kiosk and news portals,” explained Buchi.

And one caution of advice from him before he made way for the next speaker was, “Overcome the sceptics and trust your competence.”

Neil Morgan, MD, McPheters & Compnay, UK showed the audiences with some interesting facts. He mentioned that penetration of tablets is expected to triple over the next two years with 57% of sales coming outside the US by 2013 and the number of publications related to ipad apps is expanding rapidly. Also, Europe accounts for 45% of all apps tracked with apple dominating the market place providing yet another reason for consumers to premiere the ipad.

“The majority of magazines apps are minimally enhanced pdfs replicas, with links making the by far most common form of enhancement followed by incorporation of social media. Also, all forms of enhancements are more likely to be used for editorial purposes than for ads. ,” he asserted.

Then he also decoded the components of a great app stating that a great app is well designed with rich media content that provides significant enhanced experienced.

Lastly the session concluded with Peo Strindlund, VP of sales, Europe & Asia, Mag +, Sweden presentation wherein he shared his views about the global market place vis-a-vis US market.

He said, “Technology is an evolution, the consumption is a revolution”.

Thus the trend within publishers is to develop new business models, and streamline production in the fast growing markets. Especially with the users paying for content, creativity is priority with a rich media experience delivered to them.

All of the three panelists stressed on the role of apps on ipad compared to print.

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