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“Social Media Habits of most prominent faces of advertising & media Industry”

A peep into what some well-known creative and media professionals do on Twitter and Facebook, other than, of course, devising effective brand strategies

Neha Saraiya| Delhi | October 24, 2011

If you think that the life of advertising/creative professionals is only about making pitches, giving presentations, devising brand strategies and churning out eye-catching copy or great TVCs, you may be right. But there is more to them. They may be stalwarts in their field, but once on the social media platform, there is a different side to their persona: they paint, ride bicycle, update their locations, upload pictures, build “friends” and even assume character names. BestMediaInfo.com takes a look at the virtual world of some well-known creative professionals who are also highly active in the social media – and yes, they are interesting, each in his own way. Read on…

KV Sridhar ‘Pops’, National Creative Director, Leo Burnett

No. of Facebook friends: 2,514

No. of tweets: 6,762

LinkedIn connections: 1,166

Google+ experience: “None!”

Popularly known as Pops in the advertising circuit, he usually tweets about politics, sports his love for Mahatma Gandhi and his passion – painting. While the earthiness of his village finds reflection in his paintings drawn on his iPad, his Twitter and Facebook pages often carry his artistic strokes. Says Pops on sharing his paintings with his contacts on Twitter and Facebook: “I have two Facebook pages and two Twitter accounts, one Wordpress blog. One YouTube video generated over 5,000 fans, 45,000 impressions and 16,200 search results on Google. It’s fabulous, couldn't have asked for more. Thanks to the tech savvy art gallery (Scarecrow), the show and the art demo were live streamed on the Internet generating never before excitement for the iPad digital art.”

R Gowthaman, Chief Client Office, Asia Pacific, Mindshare

No of Facebook friends: 956

No of tweets: 1,433

LinkedIn Connections: 605 connections linking to 6.3 million professionals

Google+: “Nothing unique to switch; no major USP”

He believes that social media enables ‘power of conversations’ that can be leveraged effectively. But, at the same time, very few are able to capitalise on it. His philosophy comes through on his Twitter handle, as his tweets are protected or locked to restrict any Tom, Dick or Harry from following or reading his tweets! On being selective on social media sites, Gowthaman says, “I want to engage with the authentic source and remain authentic as well. And to choose whom you follow and choose whom to follow. There is a saying, ‘Tell me your friend and I will tell who you are’.....I would change it to, ‘Tell me whom you follow and who follows you, I will tell you who you are.’“

Muralikrishnan B, Country Manager, eBay

No. Twitter followers: 386

No. of Tweets: 1,292

We all grow up admiring our favourite characters from popular novels or TV serials, but when the fondness increases manifold, it often becomes our username on social networking sites. That holds quite true for Muralikrishnan, who likes to call himself ‘Hawkeye’ on Twitter!  As he says, “It’s more of a personal thing. But there are two reasons to it. First, Hawkeye is looking for specific things happening around him and, second, there used to be an old English TV series named ‘Mash’, in which actor Alan Alda was called Benjamin Franklin ‘Hawkeye’ Pierce and that’s a character I like a lot.”

Shubho Sengupta, Creative Head - Digital, Rediffusion Y&R

No. of Facebook friends: 1,892

No. of tweets: 3,720

LinkedIn connections: 466

Google + experience: “Don't visit too often, maybe once a week. But will not write it off… it took me 3-4 months to get a hang of Facebook”

A digital maverick by profession and a cycling advocate by choice, Sengupta’s posts and comments are heavily driven by real life experiences and his passion for cycling, that he often shares with friends and acquaintances on Facebook and Twitter. “I have many cyclists in my circle. Since cycling is a very open source engagement, most like what I post, that brings engagement at different levels -- from amateur to pro. I am also a member of many cycling communities, like Pedalyatris on Facebook and cycling.in, where I continue the conversation.”

Venke Sharma, Senior VP & Director, Arc Worldwide

No. of Facebook friends: over 400

No. of Tweets: over 500

LinkedIn connections: over 500

Google + experience: “Still in its infancy. Nothing to fancy currently”

It is said, that ‘Silence often has the strongest voice’, and Sharma resonates this saying with his ‘once in a blue moon’ kind of tweeting and facebooking. He might be sharing less in the form of tweets and posts but this ‘silent observer has a strong rationale for that. “I believe that listening is equally important, especially with so much action in the space. It’s great to quietly monitor trends and gather insights than draw too much attention about one's own viewpoint, especially when one does not intend to share a take on everything under the sun.”

Pushkar Sane, Formerly Chief Digital Officer -North & South Asia, Starcom Mediavest Group

No. of Facebook friends: 1,572

No. of Tweets: 1,708

LinkedIn connections: 1,380

Google + experience: “Good experience so far. Facing some problems in posting seamlessly as it is not yet integrated with tools like Tweetdeck”

His tryst with the Internet is almost 20 years old now; he has witnessed the medium evolve in different shapes and forms – from information to interactivity and from communication to social. Little wonder, today he holds a unique distinction of working and learning from three billion-plus markets – China, India and the Internet. However, to us, he talks about his most memorable post/comment received till date: “I remember receiving very loving comments on the first photographs of our newborn son Parth. We were overwhelmed and deeply touched.”

Chhaya Balachandran Aiyer, Founder & MD, BC Web Wise

No. of Facebook friends:  583

No. of tweets: 276

LinkedIn connections: 665

Google + experience: “Limited, went there thrice till now, but I need to check it out more now!”

Our eyes caught her innovative, vibrant DP on her Facebook profile which she says is a gift from her team.  But she is a quick changer, and has just waited for us for writing this piece. She says, “I generally change it when I am in the mood for it... and that too anything... The one currently was a birthday gift from my office guys. They put together photos from the past and from the many shots we took to create the caricature of all the team heads and me under the team section of BCWW. That’s all. It was so nice; I just had to share it. I plan to change it soon, but I am not because you are writing this piece! :)”

Alok Kejriwal, CEO & Co-Founder, games2win

No. Facebook friends: 4,991

No. of Tweets: 1,593

LinkedIn connections: Over 500

Google+ experience: “It’s already a four-month-old thing now!”

His Twitter handle reads: “Digital Entrepreneur, builds companies, sells companies (last 1 to Disney), Start Up Guy, Meditator, Blogger, Runner, Motivator, Chasing 1$Billion Company dream.” He is the ‘Rodinhood’ (not Robinhood) of the social networking jungle. As he says, “Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal’ on social networking sites represents ‘Rodinhood’ that stands out and represents what I do which is equal to rodin (thinks) and hood (does).”

Karl Gomes, Co-founder, AgencyDigi

No. of FB friends: 2800

No. of Tweets: 3577

LinkedIn connections: 1820

Google + experience: “Still going around in circles!”

He usually believes in the mantra of ‘work hard, party harder & sleep hardly’. But when on Facebook and Twitter, he prefers to stay ablazed with location based apps (LBS). He says, “It’s not just what you do, it’s also about where you are. I travel a lot, so I keep on updating my status on the social networking sites. Be it a shopping mall visit on a Sunday or a meeting location update.”

Arun Verma, Founder, Arun Verma Design Studios

No. of FB friends: 1,200

No. of tweets: 1,700

LinkedIn connections: 800

Google + experience: “Still haven't figured out how it works. In fact, have given up on it”

One glance at his tweets is enough to make one laughter. He may be running a design studio, but humour takes the centre stage in all his posts and tweets. He explains, “Keeps me in the creative flow...keeps me energised and lets me have senseless conversations with a mad set of people. Most importantly, it's a great brain jog. And if I can make a few people smile, it's worth it.”


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