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Movie Review: Mere Brother Ki Dulhan- An ordinary Attempt

Don’t go with high expectations, it’s an average film.

By Jyotsna Kumar

What are the ingredients of a good Bollywood masala film- heavy doze of action, high voltage drama, right dozes of comedy, soulful tracks and OVER THE TOP EMOTION? And that’s exactly what’s missing in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, EMOTION. Every time the couple come close and drift apart, you don’t feel for them, the connect was missing. Ok so that might not be the intention of the filmmaker to put up a melodramatic saga yet the  Hrishikesh Mukherjee kind of setting in a Yash Chopra set-up didn’t blend well.

Luv( Ali Zafar) just had a break-up in London. And in no time he decides that it’s high time to get married. He calls up his younger bro- Kush(Imran Khan) back home to look for a bride for him considering he trust his instincts, his choice more than him. And so the journey starts and as the title suggests Kush falls for his Brother Ki Dulhan and vis-à-vis.

MBKD is pleasant and easy on eyes- thanks to Imran Khan, Katrina Kaif and Ali Zafar’s genteel disposition. They do enough to make the most banal look bearable. But if we talk about their characters I see no depth in them. The entire ensemble cast for that matter (Parikshit Sahani and Kanwaljit Singh) lacks characterization. The filmmaker could have easily eliminated few characters in the film who only added clutter to the screen. Ali Zafar was smartly portrayed in the film. At first instance he doesn’t come across as a nice guy yet he appeals to you with his charm. Katrina has finally come of age and understood her genre. She finally manages to have some fun on-screen. And there’s absolutely no change in Imran Khan- he played safe with his usual bit- cute, charming, chivalrous guy. Looking at the technical aspects- the cinematography was poor. During pan-shots frames looked hazy. Constant references from RD’s retro hits to Dabangg's clout are all very nice but are not novel anymore. Music score by Sohail Sen is appealing. Neha Bhasin and Katrina both shines out with Dhunki track.

My verdict - don’t go with high expectations, it’s an average film. The first half is entertaining and the second half is lost. You are bound to fidget in your chair couple of times for sure.

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