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IDBI Federal Incomesurance campaign leaves in-laws baffled

Created by Ogilvy the ad Campaign, adds a comic touch to a series situation of family interview; watch the TVC here.

Neha Saraiya | Delhi | August 24, 2011

The most trying time for a groom-to-be is his so called ‘first interview’ with the parents of his girlfriend. It is this grilling times that the groom dreads the most, but if he has his income guarantee confidence in hand, then the scenario becomes albeit different.

It is this concept, of knowing your ‘exact income’ and ‘when’ IDBI Federal Life Insurance - Incomesurance has released its latest ad Campaign. Crafted by Ogilvy India, the TVC is based on the plot of a ‘meet-the-parents’ kind of scenario where the ‘suitable boy’ gets grilled on his financial stability. The Creative team took a leap on this situation and turned the tables on the prospective in-laws by leaving them dumbfounded by the sound financial planning and confidence exuberated by the ‘suitable boy’.   At the same time, the film dramatizes what the product can do for its customer, summing it up with the proposition ‘Guaranteed Income Ka Confidence’.

According to Aneesh Khanna, Senior Vice President - Head - Marketing & Product Management, IDBI Federal Life Insurance, “the strategy for them was to drive home a practical and relevant message to the viewers. ‘Humoring’ the customer with a convincing, rational appeal has been the insurance venture’s style. Our films are based on simple consumer insights that bring alive the core product benefits.


Explaining the rational of product positioning, he avers, “At IDBI Federal, we believe in driving differentiation through our unique and innovative products. The advertising focus has therefore been the product rather than the corporate brand. There are two differentiated aspects to the Incomesurance Endowment and Money Back plan - knowing ‘exactly' how much money you will get and 'when'. The dual aspect in the product proposition needed to be weaved into the core of our communication.”

The creative team along with the production house had a tough time finding the right actor that fitted ‘the suitable boy’ character. As not only he was required to rattle out at break-neck speed a list of things that he will be capable of providing to his prospective bride, but also deliver his dialogue with utmost sincerity and confidence. Infact that creative team was sceptical that his confidence might be misinterpreted as arrogance by the target audience.  But after sifting through many auditions, they singled out on a non-model/ non-celebrity talent to ensure the slice-of-life situation came across as genuine and credible.

The commercial was shot indoors in a single day’s shoot. Post shoot, the film took a week’s time to be ready for airing. The TVC went on air on 15th Aug, on the eve of Independence Day.


Creative Agency: Ogilvy & Mather India Copywriters: Amitabh Agnihotri Art director: Samir Sojwal Creative Director: Abhijit Avasthi Production: Film director: Rajesh Krishnan Production house: Soda Films


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