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BuzzInContent launches Ads on Wheels

The auto eCommerce portal introduces innovative reward scheme for car owners.

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | August 23, 2011, - auto eCommerce portal from the eCommerce company, mjunction services limited has recently launched a first of its kind mobile advertising platform called ‘Ads on Wheels’. The campaign envisages private car owners display promotional stickers on their car for a stipulated period of time varying from 3 months to a maximum of 1 year and earn 10 litres of petrol or diesel vouchers along with complimentary gifts from the advertiser.

The service has been launched in Kolkata, with Satnav Technologies being the first company to use this service to promote their car navigation gear. Satnav creates products in GIS applied areas like navigation, telematics and facilities management. autojunction plans to tie-up with 1000 car owners in FY’11 – 12.

The ‘Ads on Wheels’ campaign was conceptualized to use privately owned cars as ‘mobile wheel boards’ for advertisement placements /promotional and branding material which creates an opportunity for the advertisers to reach out to greater audience on one hand and also enthuse car owners towards saving fuel cost for a certain period of time on the other.

The campaign finds its relevance when advertisers realize today that mobile advertising market (advertisements on vehicles) is the fastest growing segment in the outdoor advertising category having a potential of 30,000-70,000 visual market impressions daily. This makes the medium exciting to reach out to people en masse which autojunction plans to provide to its clients.

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