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Scarecrow launches new campaign for MVL Mobiles

‘Being greedy is not bad’, suggests the new TVC created by Scarecrow communications; watch the TVC here.

Neha Saraiya | Delhi | July 28, 2011

Remember the famed story of the Greek King Midas, that turned almost everything into gold just because of his greed for the shiny metal. Well, the sovereign must have not countered to MVL mobiles in his era, otherwise he would have justified his so-called gluttony for more.

That’s exactly the insight for MVL mobiles latest commercial- ‘Be greedy’ (minus the ruler!). Titled ‘Ghats’, the TVC has been conceptualised by Scarecrow communications and produced by January 19 Films. The commercial underscores MVL ability to provide a bag-pack of goodies in terms of its features of its phone to the consumers.

Outlining MVL’s thought process for the theme, the spokesperson from the company explained, “In today’s market scenario consumers have the right to ask for more. We at MVL Mobiles feel that more the consumers demand, the more we push ourselves to deliver as per their expectations. The confidence of delivering according to the increasing needs of consumers led us to the idea of ‘Greed is Good’.  Our creative partner, Scarecrow was equally excited about the idea and what you see today is a perfect example of teamwork. The entire effort is being supported by a 360 degree media plan.”

Originally the brief given by the company to the agency was to create a spot for 30 seconds. But considering the sky-crapping prices of space for ads on TV, the creative team suggested the handset manufacturer to go with a 25 seconds (to be later followed by a 10 sec version). And to implement the same, the crew had an editor present on the sets; not residing to the post-production editing that generally takes place after the completion of the film.

Explaining this insight, Raghu Bhat, Founder Director, Scarecrow Communications avers, “In 25 seconds, we wanted to grab attention, sustain it, bring a smile, make him remember the brand name and plant an interesting brand idea.”


Shot on the ‘Dasaasvamedha’ ghat in Varanasi, the ad very crisply displays a sadhu’s voracity for a MVL phone, despite of his renouncing all worldly goods. Infact Raghu also reveals that one of the biggest causes of anxiety for them during the shoot was to present the look of the sadhu, realistically as much as possible. He also shared two interesting anecdotes that occurred on the sets. “While we were shooting, on the river side, a priest (panda) from one of the temples actually enquired the actor (disguised as a sadhu), about his association with the temple. And the main protagonist, belonging to a different religion, was zapped with this investigation,” reveals Raghu.

He also shared another occurrence, wherein a 50 year old lady, actually touched the feet of the actor, in order to seek his blessings.

While the last two campaigns of the company done by Dentsu, were more tactical in nature, this commercial aims at establishing the brand’s communication across the consumers.

Commenting on the campaign, Anindya Banerjee, ECD, Scarecrow Delhi says, “In a country that has over 250 mobile phone brands, it was important to come up with an idea that was provocative yet relevant. Which is when, we came up with ‘Greed is good’. Greed is an innate driver in our lives. India’s independence was the result of Gandhiji’s greed for freedom. India’s world cup win was the result of Dhoni’s greed to be number one. Greed is what pushes mankind forward. It is this aspect of life that we want to ascribe for brand MVL.”

In order to add a fresh appeal to the TVC, a lot of impromptu things were added at the last minute. Like the product window shown in the commercial has a novice frame attached to it.

Furthermore, the agency has planned a 360 degree marketing activity including print, digital, and outdoor and POAs (poster, dangler et al) to support the campaign.

“In a year, we want to grab market share by the bucketful. By staying away from soporific advertising, we want to create an enduring last mover advantage. We are happy to be working with the MVL management team who have a pathological dislike for boring work,” divulges Raghu.


Agency: Scarecrow, Delhi

Creative Team: Raghu Bhat, Anindya Banerjee, Kapil Tammal, Sarvesh Raikar

Servicing: Arunava Sengupta, Ashish Dabral, Amitabh Sreedharan, Riddhi Gandhi

Account Planning: Amar Wadhwa

Production House: January 19 Films

Director: Narendra Kumar

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