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FX launches new adult comedy Californication Season 4

Starting 18th July, the show will be telecast on every Monday midnight.

July 18, 2011:

Your night life is in for a makeover! As every Monday night at midnight, the irresistible David Duchovny (Hank Moody) is ready to spice up your life with witty humor, unmatched glamour, casual flirting, complicated relations and many more!

India’s premium English GEC, FX is all set to take entertainment to the next level with the launch of a new season of a bizarre comedy series, Californication Season 4 on 18th July, at midnight!

For all the curious and adventurous souls who want to experience the ‘Edge of Entertainment’, join David Duchovny in an odyssey of self-indulging vices – alcohol, drugs & women, with a refreshing sense of honesty and unapologetic candor in one of the most popular American tele-series, Californication.

Californication is flirtatious with incredibly interesting questions about the state of male-female relations.

Commenting on the launch, Jyotsna Viriyala, Vice-President, FOX International Channels, India said, “FX is committed to bringing the best in English entertainment to its viewers in India. FX is bold, it’s provocative, it’s risquĂ©, it’s outrageous and it’s foxy! And we believe that the mood and content of Californication is synonymous with FX! Also our extensive research shows that our 12 am slot is becoming extremely popular and that’s why we decided to launch Californication Season 4 at midnight. We bring back new latest seasons of popular shows like Californication and deliver what we promise, Edge of Entertainment!”

The series follows the exploits of famed novelist and New York City transplant writer Hank Moody relocated to LA after his acclaimed book was optioned, only to see it turned into a crappy romantic comedy. Since then he’s struggled to get his career and relationship with on-again/off-again girlfriend Karen back on track, while trying to raise his rebellious teenage daughter Becca. Hank has to deal with Bill (who Karen is going to marry & Bill’s teenage daughter MIA who HANK has unintentionally slept with!!) Hank is seen indulging in cocktails coupled with wild, erratic, regular sexual intimacy and massive doses of self-pity. It couldn’t get more exciting, can it?

Marathon of Californication’s Season 2 and 3 playing on FX will culminate to the launch of Californication’s latest season 4 on 18th July’11, Monday midnight. So don’t forget to grab your couch and be glued to your television as this show is geared up to make your nightlife wild just when the clock strikes 12 on every Monday!


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