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F.A.L.T.U movie makes MAX undisputed No.1

Help the channel garner 163 GRPs in the week 27 of TAM 2011.

July 11, 2011:

MAX has achieved a historic lead  with the World Television Premiere of FALTU at 12:00 pm afternoon slot on Sunday 26th June which garnered 163 GRP’s for MAX. Second only to 196 GRP’s brought in by  3 Idiots Premiere which was also on MAX making it the undisputed leader in the Hindi film genre.

With a staggering average TVR of 3.0 in the four hour Sunday afternoon slot, MAX becomes the highest rated Hindi Movie channel of 2011.

The movie telecast garnered audiences across various age, gender and geographic profiles. The World premiere of FALTU along with an impressive array of movie titles has taken MAX to leadership in the genre yet again with 163 GRPs this week, far ahead of competition.

‘F.A.L.T.U’ MAX premiere deliveries:

Markets TVR %
Ahmedabad 5.7
Mumbai 4.6
Assam 0.5mn+ 6.2
Chattisgarh 0.1-1mn 6.1
Mah 0.1-1mn 3.5
Mah LC1 3.6
Mah 1mn+ (Incl. Pune) 3.7
MP 0.1-1mn 4.7
MP 1mn+ 3.7
Raj 1mn+ 4.5
UP 1mn+ 3.6
HSM 3.0

Commenting on the performance, Neeraj Vyas, Executive Vice President & Business Head - MAX said, “We are thrilled with the overwhelming response to our World TV premiere of FALTU. The youthful appeal of the film has helped us garner the record breaking rating of 3, the highest for a film channel in recent times. MAX is committed to delivering the biggest blockbusters from Hindi cinema and this showcases our strength. With our innovative wrap around content, ‘Extraaa Shots’, which was shot with the stars of the film and extensive promotion and marketing, the results, are extremely satisfying.


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