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Amrita TV launches classic series Artha Chandrante Rathri

The new show will be telecast Monday to Friday at 9 pm on Amrita TV from July 4th.

July 1, 2011:

Amrita TV is launching a new classic series Arth Chandrante Rathri which is a compelling serial that is at once touching and stirring.  Adapted from a landmark novel of international repute, this is a tale of rugged characters and raw emotions, unfolding gradually over two generations of feudal lords and peasant farmers . The bitter personal feuds between them pits brother against brother as the characters indulge in bloody reprisals that mows down kith and kin. The new serial will be telecast Monday to Friday at 9 pm on Amrita TV from July 4th.

The story is set against the rustic splendor of an agrarian society. The most popular man in the entire village is Balan,the man with the Midas touch who can reap gold from the earth.He sets an example with his hard work and diligence, always willing to go the extra mile for the well being of his family. But there are envious eyes too focused on Balan’s success, watching him expand his acreage with jealous resentment, notably that of the feudal lord, Chandrasekharan.

In keeping with the feudal tradition of overcoming adversaries with deceit and duplicity, Sekharan too uses treachery to trap his unsuspecting foe. He ensnares Balan with false charges and succeeds in convincing the authorities, with fat bribes adding weight to his arguments, about Balan’s guilt. He is hauled off to the station and brutally assaulted by the police.

Balan is mauled, punched and cudgeled within an inch of his life. Even as he lies bleeding, his body a welter of wounds, none of the villagers dare to come forward to help him, such is the dread that Sekhar awakens in them. He succumbs to his injuries, dying in agony and humiliation. Seething with rage at the landlord’sknavishness, Madhavan, Balan’s eldest son  repays the debt, shooting him to death one night under the cover of darkness. He pays for the crime with 8 years of his youth in prison.

Madhavan returns home after serving his jail term, a stranger in the village where he had grown up. He feels like an intruder, out of place in familiar surroundings, estranged and alienated from his old friends and relatives. He slowly realizes that during his years in prison, Sajan his younger brother had gravitated towards Chandrasekharan’s family and that he is now hand in glove with them. It is more than Madhavan can bear as he finds it difficult to comprehend how Sajan can cozy up to his father’s murderers.

Directed by Sudheesh Sankar, the most competent director of our times in Malayalam television, and with powerful actors like Srelakshmi and Anand donning the central roles, the serial would be a compelling view, drawn in stark colours on the bosom of nature. On the surface, it is ostensibly a story of social realism that depicts the clash of classes in Indian feudal society, where overloads maintain their fiefdoms by duping the simple peasants; of village feuds passed down from generation to generation in an endless cycle of vengeance and retribution. On a more subtle level, it is an universal tale of the anguish  of alienation and the despair of loneliness of the individual.

The serial will be telecast every weekday at  9.00pm from July 4th .


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