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SMS GupShup brings solution to clean up mobile spam in India

The new applicationScrubber’ helps marketers update their Do Not Call lists.

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | June 28, 2011

Mobile spam is a huge problem in India; according to some estimates, spam may account for about half of all SMS messages within the sub-continent and costs residents at least $750 million in lost time each year. To that end, the Indian government has issued a crack-down on mobile spam, but the new rulings may leave some legitimate marketers out in the cold.

Enter a new solution from SMS GupShup which makes it simple for marketers to update their Do Not Call lists.

In their plans the Indian government plans to issue new National Consumer Preference Registry (NCPR) twice each week. The SMS GupShup application, called Scrubber, helps carriers, telemarketers, outbound call centers and others 'scrub' their lists according to consumer preferences to ensure those users aren't spammed. Both mobile and land line numbers are scrubbed with the platform.

Dr. Viswanath Ramachandran, Chief Technology Officer of SMS GupShup said, "The Scrubber will allow people to harness the power of the mobile medium responsibly. Marketers will now be able to target mobile users more effectively, and communicate with only those who are interested in receiving their communications - providing an end to mobile spam. The launch of the Scrubber will undoubtedly provide great relief for brands and advertisers who have struggled with the fine line between mobile marketing and spam in the past, and have massive databases to clean."

Phone and cellular numbers are matched and filtered according to user preferences; it has been tested on the more than 3 billion messages served by SMS GupShup each month. The solution works with voice, data and SMS message options.


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