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Punjabi Jagran eyes high ad revenue in Punjab

In a candid conversation with Sanjay Gupta and Basant Rathore, BestMediaInfo.com digs in to find the plans for Punjabi Jagran; read the full excerpts:

Punjabi Jagran eyes high ad revenue in Punjab

In a candid conversation with Sanjay Gupta and Basant Rathore, BestMediaInfo.com digs in to find the plans for Punjabi Jagran; read the full excerpts:

Jagran Prakashan has added another feather to its cap by launching Punjabi Jagran on 18th June 2011. 5th language publication from Jagran Group was unveiled by Jagran Group’s CMD and Managing Editor Mahendra Mohan Gupta and CEO and Editor Sanjay Gupta at a launch ceremony in Chandigarh on 17th June which was graced by Dy. Chief Minister of Punjab Sukhbir Singh Badal. To know more about the group’s ambitious plans for Punjabi Jagran, BestMediaInfo.com spoke to CEO and Editor Sanjay Gupta and VP - Strategy, Business Development & Brand Basant Rathore. Read the full excerpts:

Q) What was the thought process behind entering into the Punjabi newspaper market?

In Punjab, Dainik Jagran has completed 10 years and has established itself very well. However, if one looks at the Punjab market, while Hindi is doing very well, the existing Punjabi papers have had a very steady reader base. The Punjabi language is very widely used in Punjab - and this runs across the large towns as well as down to village level. The language has great acceptance in the region, and it therefore makes an automatic choice for us to complete our bouquet for Punjab. With the launch of Punjabi Jagran, we hope to add newer readers, newer markets and strengthen the Jagran presence in complete Punjab. This also gives Dainik Jagran a good leverage in terms of circulation and to the advertisers – it will be one bouquet to reach all of Punjab across all strata of society.

Q) How do you see competition in this domain?

There are 2 large Punjabi dailies in Ajit and Jagbani. Both are very well established and very powerful brands in their own domain. Both; however are perceived and positioned very differently from each other.

Q) From advertising revenue point of view, how big is this market? What kind of advertisers Jagran will be targeting for this genre?

It is a large advertising market and growing at a good pace. The market size is estimated to be between 75-85 crores on advertising. With a lot of grass root development work happening in Punjab, we expect the market to grow at a good pace. While the combination of Punjabi Jagran and Dainik Jagran will drive advertising revenues largely, we’re looking at developing a lot of categories specifically for Punjabi Jagran.

Q) How do you see the readership trends of the market?

Punjab has been a very steady readership market for both Hindi and Punjabi dailies. The readership numbers haven’t had too many swings in the last 5 years . However, in the last one decade or so, there was a lot of action in the Hindi space in Punjab and we saw the market developing from a single paper to now accommodating 3 large papers. We believe that we will be able to actively expand the Punjabi market and create a space for ourselves. The readership numbers for both Punjabi & Hindi are almost at a similar level, with the Punjabi papers marginally ahead.

Q) Have you launched any new campaign to support the launch?

Yes, we’ve created a campaign that’s about essentially celebrating the quintessential Punjabi spirit. Punjabi people are known for their verve, energy and zest for life – and there’s never a dull moment in Punjab.  The campaign that we have launched is riding on “Punjabi Pride” or “Punjabiyaan di shaan” as they call it. The thought was to develop communication which is deeply rooted in the rich tradition of the Punjabi language and which celebrates the Punjabi language, rituals and the free flowing Punjabi Spirit. We through our campaign will be essentially saying “Punjabi suttee hue changge nahin lagde” because Punjab is about energy.

This is a very colloquial term and used as a positive motivational thought in Punjabi language. Also, it positions Punjabi Jagran as the brand that awakens.

Punjabi Jagran will be rooted in Punjabi and to reiterate this point, we’ve used a very strong Punjabi icon in Gurdaas Maan to endorse this brand thought. He is respected and revered in Punjab across age groups and his appeal cuts across both Urban and Rural Punjab. The campaign is being promoted on TV, OOH, Radio, Print, Posters, Roadshows and a host of other local ground level initiatives running all across Punjab.

Q) Have you done or planning any pre-launch survey in the region? What is the outcome of it?

We’ve done our round of surveys to understand the deeper nuances of Punjabi language and cultural codes – their needs and expectations and have tailored a product for them.

Q) What all areas of Punjab are you planning to cover? Where this newspaper will get printed from?

The newspaper will be circulated across every district of Punjab. It will be printed out of Jalandhar and Ludhiana.



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