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Movie Review: READY – get ready to be bored!

By Jyotsna Kumar

I have an honest confession to make- I couldn’t sail through the entire film and so I decided to walk out. I know this would upset Salman Khan Fans, but I opt to do this because I believe in Cinema more than actors. Some critics are of opinion that at times you need no brain teaser or logic in films because it provides therapeutic release from your stressful days. But I like to believe that there is a far, far better way to create a crazy, madhouse, whacked up flick, something Ram Gopal Verma did ages back with Daaud. The mad chase, dialogues, characters were so engaging that I didn’t mind overlooking the story of the film. It at least made an effort to introduce fresh, barmy piece of writing. Trust me I am not against the entertaining, cheesy, song and dance cinema but basic problem with Ready was its entertainment value which was missing. You’ll be amused by the kind of writing that has been done in this flick. The dialogues are awful and kiddish. And why just the dialogues, the predictable, umpteen characters, props, set design makes each and every frame of this film garish and lousy. Music by Pritam hits badly on your ears. The decibel volume is so high that all you remember or hear at the end of the song is noise. Even romantic numbers are heavy on your ears. The one and the only factor that keep this movie going is the ‘I DON’T GIVE A DAMN’ attitude by SALMAN KHAN. Only he makes it the paisa vasool flick for his fans. But you really have to be his crazy fan of his to appreciate this film.

Salman’s unapologetic, larger than life image once again hits right on your face. His actions, behaviour are typical, but it’s his sheer persona (or shall we say the personality itself) that set this ground rule right from the first frame i.e. My turf, My rules! Something Geoffrey Rush couldn’t establish so clearly in The King’s Speech. And one thing I must admit, that only Salman Khan in Bollywood can pull this line- 18 till I die! Because even at this age he looks far better than his contemporaries, so much so that Mahesh Manjrekar somebody who is his almost his age, plays his father in the film. Salman needs no lighting, no make-up to look good. And Asin despite all the lighting an added make-up can’t look good. The failure however, lies more on the cinematographer’s part. He did all the justice to Asin’s dull spots. It only goes down to show that how haphazardly this film got made. All in all, it’s a cinema that loses the sanctity of a good cinema.

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  • venkat- 10 years ago

    people lyk u work as an agent of shahrukh khan who are jelous of salman bhai's sucess.u feel that u ppl are very intelligent we the audience who are spending money are fools.if u didn't lyk ready u need to b treated as soon as possible (apna kaam imandaari se kore)

  • Alan- 10 years ago

    I 100% agree with you. It is not even time pass but it is cheap and vulgar

  • Deb- 10 years ago

    The Reviewer is a liar..The movie is a great entertainer..great fun..not a dull moment..enjoyable to the fullest..!

  • Naman- 10 years ago

    Hey whoever has written this it is very rude of u writing this stuff.I'am not a fan of salman khan but dis movie is worth watchinG.and u don't have any right to blame salman khan for this

  • Ashok- 10 years ago

    Hey don't believe all this,if u want to watch the movie just go and watch the movie and u will not get bored,u will enjoy the movie.....what is there in Kabhi alvida na kehna??veer zara?..don????My Name Is Khan???Chalte Chalte

  • neen- 10 years ago

    totlally agreed! love leave your brains behind entertainment, but this was just aweful. Compared to the t=south version, this doesn't stand a chance.

  • SALLU FAN- 10 years ago


  • khokon- 10 years ago

    Very good paisa vasool...please write honest reviews..or no one will ever believe a movie critic..

  • tareq- 10 years ago

    Really I like this movie.. IT'S GREAT MOVIE... I saw this flim 3 times already..

  • rax- 10 years ago

    Dear W. EVR!! Compare to South version, i am sure this is not in that expected mark, but Salman has his OWN style and that makes audience (either his fans or others)groove ;)

  • kj- 10 years ago

    omg lol how much do u get paid from srk, lets wait and see ur review on am nt salman khan fan neither am i hater, their is no need to chat so much bs coz it obvious u have issues. if pple wana watch a movie thy should jst go for it, instead of reading reviews. coz ths reviewrs are feeding u their opinion and u will regret missing out, bcoz of their opinions. i watched ready and to me it seemed really fun, a nice movie to watch with the family.

  • noufal- 10 years ago

    ready one of the best movie. everybody like family,lovers kids(all people)must watch this movie total paisa vasool.salman is rock

  • vibhass- 10 years ago

    hey u bastard ,salman rocks, useless review .

  • Sumeet- 10 years ago

    FLOP movie really boring...and badly made. moreover its a COPY of some stupid south india cinema. Really non creative..boring and it will surely make you suffer for 3 hours

  • jenna- 10 years ago

    This review is useless written by a hypocrite....ready rocks and is a good entertaining movie....go for it guys.

  • em- 10 years ago

    if u people are criticising so much..y dont yu make a good movie a show us??asshols..

  • bobby- 10 years ago

    hey sucker go just watch film u will come to know much entertainment it gives don't cheaply showing off u'r bloody assholes

  • AMR- 10 years ago

    DOnt blame the south version its very good in telugu u north fellows doesnt no any thing especially that fellow sumeet any hindi version also good

  • smriti- 10 years ago

    I have 2 say... you could criticize anyone and be a critic... but sometimes you should think also not just in one direction but possibly every direction possible in your 360 degree view... I could have also criticized the movie.. and I know it were just the same people as You who decided to give a thumbs up for "Road Movie" (Don't think You would remember even the name!).. Finally, just one thing to say... DON'T BE AN ANARCHIST SO THAT PEOPLE COULD SPOT YOU.. SIMPLE LIFE CAN BE AWESOME... ALL IT TAKES IS BEING TRUE TO YOURSELF... So give it a try and get a life!!!

  • smriti- 10 years ago

    get some real reviewer not only a criticizer(can't even say u are a Critic Jyotsna!)

  • Anand Jha- 10 years ago

    you should all bookmark the author and the publishing site, how biased is their opinion.As an actor I am not a great fan of Salman Khan , but this movie is a real entertainer and is because of all of the characters and I cannot find any character who was week.I strongly believe this review is either biased or been written by someone who has not seen the movie or may have seen but with a pre determined view.

  • ravinder- 10 years ago

    who wrote thie rewiew.....paise nhi mile lagta h acha likhne k liye.....Its a blockbuster muvie. i watch 3-4 times...All shows are going housefull. Is JYOTSNA KUMAR ko job se nikalo yaar or use rakho jise film samajhne ki akal ho. READY will make new records in Bollywood

  • Amin- 10 years ago

    Very good movie....Good bless Jyotsna Kumar....he definitely needs mental treatment...ur review sucks!!!

  • Rhea- 10 years ago

    Well.. So sad tat u wrote a review without watching complete movie.hmmm I watched the movie ystday in Houston. I was happy tat the film was played at AMC. Thank God ! I wudnt have njoyd it tat much if I watched the movie in Desi theatres. I liked the second half very much,it was spine tickling comedy through out. I was amazed to c tat the guy sitting in my front row was whistling for tat Dabangg act and wen Salman took off his shirt. :-)

  • khalid Sidd- 10 years ago

    the reviewer is a bullshit....dusnt knw nething bout movie...hez jz a paid critics by some ppl whu r jealous of salman...may b shahrukh hd paid him....FO

  • jyotiranjan- 10 years ago

    this film fully family entertainment film,there are no any single time to bore,fully paisa vasul film

  • sugandrao- 10 years ago

    its good movie

  • vikas- 10 years ago

    not so interesting . . .i dint lyk the movie other than songs

  • Sam- 10 years ago

    Just go and watch the movie....its 100% paisa wasool. Dont read this liar's review, dont know how much they paid him to write such bad feedback...its gonna be a BLOCKBUSTER 100%

  • great movie- 10 years ago

    timepass movie...Jyotsna Kumar is srk fan ..

  • shane- 10 years ago

    i have read all the reviews and i didnt watch the movie. after reading and hearing what people have to say 95% liked it (whether fan or no fan of Salman) and in this comments section only 2 agree with Kumar , 27 people liked it must be a good movie

  • manu- 10 years ago

    It is a nice movie, so simple so relax. Worth watching. The world is full of stress. This kind of movie will help us. I like it, so funny. from kids to old one, its just relax your mind. Hats off.

  • Kunjan- 10 years ago

    Jyotsna either you have an affection towards sharukh khan or you pretend to be born and brought up with Shaeshank redemption and Schindler's list kind of movies ... give me a break .. guys trust me this movie was good and I really had fun. If you are tired of work and you wanna watch a movie which can entertain you , I think you should go and watch this movie... and a suggestion to this reviewer please stop the crap of pretending even hollywood has Hangover kind of unrealistic story line movies but people enjoy those movies too... guys dont listen to her go and watch it.

  • Shalini- 10 years ago

    This is so fake, salman khan rocks! go and watch the movie.

  • shayed- 10 years ago

    it's a great entertainer! stop licking the shoes of SRK!

  • amir khaldu- 10 years ago

    I am sorry say the reviewer is drunk because if you watch the movie you will enjoy it. If you don't believe me, find out last two days' box office collection.

  • Gaurav Bans- 10 years ago

    READY is a much better film and entertainment than Billu Barber, Om Shanti Om, and My Name is Khan put together. Salman is a mass entertainer and he brings in lots of fun element to indian cinema.

  • imran- 10 years ago

    i was hesitant to watch ready because of different negative reviews then i decided to watch ready along with my wife.ready is really a hit and ready rocks ,salman khan performance is superb in ready and he really look dashing in ready,overall ready is a cool movie full of fun and entertainment ,not a very solid story but who cares -from start to end ready will not make you bore ,songs and dances are really good and suits the movie ,go and watch it if you are a serious movie lover and like full stories then ready is not for you ,if you like fun ,enjoyment ,ready is a way to go ,i rate it 4 out of 5

  • Mishi- 10 years ago

    ready ... Full of entertaining, cheesy song and dance .. and it will not mae u bore..... u will enjoy... salman rocks !!!! watch it.......U will enjoy it.....

  • SALIM- 10 years ago

    it is cheap and vulgar

  • Parag- 10 years ago

    Ready is TOO GOOD! Salman Rocks!!!! Not agree with this review...........

  • aby- 10 years ago

    movie is mind blowing,must watch it

  • AAditya- 10 years ago

    No way... movie is worth watching... mast comedy, time pass action, no tension paisa wasool movie what else do you expect from a movie???

  • DNS- 10 years ago

    Pls go watch this movie with the family . A good entertainer for all.. A good stressbuster.

  • Your Dad- 10 years ago

    To other commenters: Oh, you stupid stupid fools... Ridiculing the reviewer for her honest opinion and failing to recognize that your own lack of IQ is the only reason you could find this movie remotely enjoyable/watchable/bearable. Your insect-like buzzing around Salman's starlight is so pathetic! Watched it 3 times? Go watch it a 4th time, stop posting illiterate comments here that mislead intelligent folk.

  • Sharraf- 10 years ago

    I am a die hard Sallu fan. After the benchmark set by Wanted and Dabang i was hoping to see something similar. However the movie was good only in small parts.The decibel level indeed could be a lot lower for songs and dialogues. Still it is only Sallu who could pull off such a lousy film. With any other leading man the movie would have died a natural death in 2 days

  • rahul saxen- 10 years ago

    faad movie... salman rocksssssssss

  • Muhsin Muhs- 10 years ago

    Its a very good movie .I very like it.

  • Tanvi- 10 years ago

    h3yy .. d reviewer iz damnn wrong .. d movie izzz 2222 niiiccc .. n worth watchin .. complt enteratinment package n faaduu dialogue delivery by Salman .. luv u Salman .. !! must watch movie .. !!

  • afzal- 10 years ago


  • sally- 10 years ago

    I enjoyed it tremendously. Its a fun and entertaining movie and it is supposed to be that way not the heavy drama

  • meghana san- 10 years ago

    I 100% agree with you. It is not even time pass but it is cheap and vulgar

  • Fazzy- 10 years ago

    Jyotsna Kumar you have gone mad please leave the critics job and find another .. as It dosen't makes any sense for a person to do the job which he doesn't know anything about it.....

  • Katrina- 10 years ago

    Movie is really good. Just don't believe this reviewer. I don't think she has any knowledge to judge or comment on any movie. I would rather request you don't believe such persons, instead go and watch movie

  • samit- 10 years ago

    Its the worst movie. Pls dont see in theatres, instead get a pirated torrent :-)

  • azim- 10 years ago

    bakwas... flop film...

  • BT- 10 years ago

    The reviewer has a "I am the brightest & I know it all" kind of attitude. But she is totally wrong and does not represent the view of all film goers. I have watched this movie and found it outright cool with full of entertainment value. It is a must see movie.

  • atul- 10 years ago

    It was not boring i hav watch it & i think it is a average film

  • atul- 10 years ago

    it is not boring i hav watch it & i think it is a average film

  • Puneet thak- 10 years ago

    Jyotsna have no brain to give the review on this movie...Movie rock d every second..So guys just go n see d difference..

  • Ewww- 10 years ago

    I agree with u.The movie was a cash in on the success of dabangg and Salman khans popularity.Movie had nothing to offer.Its the same old stuff he delivered.Waiting for some quality movies in future from Salman.

  • Anwar- 10 years ago

    I think u dont have any Idea about entertainment.I saw the Movie twice salman again rocks.ready is already super Hit

  • Brad- 10 years ago

    Awesome movie... this prick comments are no brainer..

  • Shah- 10 years ago

    Its an AWESOME movie, if ur the kinda person that likes Salman and loves to have a good laugh then don't even bloody read these reviews, they're full of themselves....GO AND WATCH and critique it yourself

  • jithin / du- 10 years ago

    superb movie salman and asin good pair these type movies can play major role in todays life 100% entertainer so frnds enjoyy......3hrsssssssss

  • jaffer- 10 years ago

    hiiiiiii this is sooooooo veryyyyyyyyy goodddddd?

  • gagan- 10 years ago

    must movie hai...... very nice song..........

  • rosh- 10 years ago

    the movie is so owesome,, complete entertainer,,,if u wanna send across bad message of the movie,, please know we viewers arent fools,,,,asin looked great and did a great job,, both of their chemistry was owesome,, salman nevr looked this handsome before,,,,

  • Vivek- 10 years ago

    Looks like the fans of Salman are as full of him as he is of himself! Pity all those guys who think movies like Dabang and Ready are "amazing". Well I would say movies like these are amazing-ly stupid! Kudos to the guy who saw Ready 3 times, if I was you I would have puked to death, and others would have drowned in my puke! And guess what? This movie is yuckier than the thing I mentioned! Doing movies like these would only push people to commit suicide, so in a way it's good for the people of India. Okay enough of random things, the bottom line - Ready sucks, big time!!!!!

  • md raja ala- 10 years ago

    salman always rock

  • Nikhil- 10 years ago

    ..the movie is all are not gonna get bored for sure...go for it...!!

  • raaj- 10 years ago

    v v v v boring movie , salman is gud luking but story hi ni ti , jo is film ko hit keh rhay hai woh bollywood k sath unfair hai .

  • Sandeep- 10 years ago

    This is not wow for me even I would say it is a Faltu movie. I mean to say it is one time watchable. If you like to watch Salman again in a senseless movie then be Ready for ready otherwise not. It is so so…. not like Dabang. Dabang is far better than Ready.

  • SALLU FAN- 10 years ago


  • Mira- 10 years ago

    I totally agree with Jyotsna's comments. The movie did not meet my expectations and I did not enjoy wathcing it at all.It has no substance whatsoever.

  • nasir- 10 years ago

    I would like to tell u on the comments u have given are rubbish..Fake ur jeleous give proper commnets.. i saw this comments and i didnt wanted to seethe movie then my friend said total paisa vasol and superb comedy. i said the critic and comments in this website said its not a good movie he said watch it and screw the guy or a girl who wrote a comment i shud say people will stop trusting u guyz before watching movie and i shud say who told u that ur fit for give reivews about movie ur fit for nothing..

  • Vine- 10 years ago

    Not outstanding, but very good movie. Must must must watch

  • Inez- 10 years ago

    I'm sure such crappy reviews make no difference to people who love to watch full entertainment, masala flicks..It was awesome fun and a complete stressbuster...Love u Salman...

  • Vivek- 10 years ago

    @ SALLU FAN: I guess this country is full of idiots like you and by the way a movie's collections doesn't make it a super hit or flop, it's the content in it, can you even spell content? I guess not, cuz you are so daft that you would go and watch a crappy movie like this. This movie was so not ready to hit the screen! cuz it missed story, direction, sense and acting... did i mention story, direction and acting??? I feel sorry for salman fans. Wake up guys and remove your nappies, Salman ain't no Superman! Neither an actor!

  • Aniket- 10 years ago

    It is awsome movie.....our sallu rocks................................................................

  • Adam- 10 years ago

    The name Salman Khan itself has become so repulsive. If Main Aur Mrs. Khanna, Wanted, Dabanng are movies and Salman is an actor, then I am a white crow!! n for all those idiots..the reviewer didnt even mention Shahrukh's name.

  • Sudhir- 10 years ago

    u go to a movie for entertainment, not find logic in that, the movie is a gud entertainment

  • Vijay- 10 years ago

    Jyotsna kumar is miles and miles away from reality. Try dabbling with something else, reviewing is not your cup of tea for sure !!

  • raj- 10 years ago

    i a,m watching and getting bored this ready bakwas writing here ...dont waste ur money even to buy dvd also