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Disney Channel scores a double century

Becomes only kid’s channel to touch 200+ GRPs in over five years.

June 17, 2011:

Featuring an ensemble of successful shows for the entire family, Disney Channel is the #1 choice for kids across India yet again. The channel stood at #1 in HSM and All India with 228 and 196 GRPs respectively (Source: TAM Week 24 kids 4-14 SEC ABC 7000 to 2300 hrs). This is the first time ever in over five years that any kid’s channel has touched more than 200 GRPs. Another channel from the Disney stable, Disney XD also continued its success lap with#1 in the South markets at 134 GRPs and together with Hungama TV, the Disney network of channels stands at #1 with over 45% share of viewership.

“Disney Channel is focused on creating top-quality entertainment for kids and families in India. Shows like Best of Luck Nikki and Phineas and Ferb are great examples of Disney’s expertise in storytelling and characterization. They represent the rich repertoire of content on the channel and why kids and families prefer Disney as their entertainment destination. Our continued success reaffirms that Disney Channel has established an emotional connection with its audience in a deeper richer way than ever before” says Natasha Malhotra, VP and GM, Walt Disney Television International India.

The Channel has witnessed a noteworthy growth of over 100% with programming featuring local and global Disney characters and stories including Best of Luck Nikki, Phineas and Ferb, Art Attack, Fish Hooks, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Doraemon.

“We are gratified by the response from our viewers and committed to providing them a wide breadth of entertaining programs that reflects their lives and Disney’s core values of optimism, creativity, storytelling and imagination” adds Natasha.

The network comprising Disney Channel, Disney XD and Hungama TV has seen significant growth propelled by an exciting content mix that is locally relevant, aspirational and entertaining. Stay tuned as the Disney network promises an even higher dose of entertainment and fun with new shows, contests and more!


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