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Colors hosts live stunt by Akshay Kumar to promote KKK4

In an unprecedented marketing stunt for Khatron Ke Khiladi – Torchhar, its host Akshay Kumar to perform live stunt at Filmistan today.

Raksha Narang | Mumbai | June 2, 2011

Known for its innovative marketing ideas, Colors has gone all the way to promote its flagship show Khatron Ke Khiladi – Torchaar Season 4. The show will kick-off on 3rd June at 9pm. Besides using all the traditional marketing tools, the channel’s new marketing stunt will match the danger level of the show. From what we hear from our sources, Akshay Kumar will be doing a LIVE stunt today at the Filmistan Studio in Goregaon.

While we are not informed about what daredevilry he is going to perform, but from the various teasers we are seeing around the city, it seems that a helicopter & fireballs will be used as a part of the stunt.

A spokes person from Colors confirmed that the event is taking place today at 4pm.
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