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Cannes Lions 2011: A spotlight on Grand Prix winners

Grand Prix to Romania, South Korea and China indicates an upward shift of emerging markets in Cannes.

Cannes Lions 2011: A spotlight on Grand Prix winners

Grand Prix to Romania, South Korea and China indicates an upward shift of emerging markets in Cannes.

Neha Saraiya | Delhi | June 28, 2011

Although India have returned home with 24 brimming silver, Gold and Bronze lions this year, but the epitome of metal, Grand Prix seems to be missing. For a change, this time countries like Romania, South Korea and China scored a maiden Grand Prix. This win, clearly indicates an upward shift of emerging markets in Cannes along with more and more clients ranging from the same region. Like this year, China's sportswear brand, Anta and Brazil's cosmetics marketer Natura were seen among 9,000 delegates participating in the event.

Thus, with the new-found glory of these fast emerging markets, BestMediaInfo takes a detour of winners that have made their way to Grand Prix, this year including the new entrants. More as a faring wave to Cannes Lions International Festival of creativity 2011, we peek-a-boo to the list, as an attempt to understand the ‘Why’, ‘When’ & ‘Where’ of these Grand Prix campaigns.

‘American Rom’

Category:  Direct lions and Promo & Activation

Advertiser: Kandia Dulce

Agency: McCann Erickson Bucharest, Romania

This chocolate bar campaign done by McCann, Romania for Kandia Dulce was an apple of the eye of the judges. The trick of ‘reactive patriotism’ worked among the youth of Romania, through ROM website and Facebook page, gaining momentum in a short time. The agency replaced the Romanian flag on ROM’s package with the American one and the surprise element added to the campaign with an increase in ‘the snowball' size, when the agency revealed that ROM was back as Romanian as ever with an anthem dedicated to ROM and his fans. The campaign not only gave a tough rift to Mars and Snickers but also experienced a growth of 20% across the retails shops with 75,000 unique visitors at ROM’s website.

‘Break Up’

Category: PR

Advertiser: National Australia Bank

Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, Australia

They used Breakup as a solution to change Australian’s perception about the dominance of four banks prevailing in the country. Clemenger BBDO Australia, started off the campaign with a simple tweet by the bank about 'hurting feelings', resulting into a huge online crowd about NAB. Also, the campaign was supported by a print ad wherein a very personal break up letter to the other banks appeared in every major Australian newspaper. Soon, the news of NAB bankers breaking up with the other banks spread like fire on streets, channels and online medium. It earned a $5 million PR in a single day and also gained the top slot on Twitter Trends. Subsequently, there was also a 79% increase on week-on-week basis for home loan enquiries of the bank.

‘Decode Jay-Z with Bing’

Category: Outdoor and Titanium & Integrated Lions category

Advertiser: BING/JAY-Z

Advertising Agency: DROGA5 New York, USA

The search engine that was largely referred by middle aged women in the Midwest, saw an influx of coastal youth population through the campaign. Using Jay-Z’s autobiography “Decoded” into media spaces around the world including small pizza boxes, plates, burger wrappers, jigsaw puzzles and t-shirts et al the, Droga5 New York, USA made Bing to earn 1.1 billion global media impressions along with an 11.7% increase in visits on the site in the month of the campaign.

‘Homeplus Subway Virtual Store’

Category: Best Use of Media

Advertiser: TESCO


Cheil Worldwide intelligently addressed the issue of fewer numbers of stores of South Korea’s second largest retail store, Tesco Homeplus. The agency created virtual stores in subway stations, so that the Koreans can blend easy grocery shopping on the go. The virtual display was kept similar to actual stores, including the merchandising. The only difference being that the consumers used smart phones to shop by scanning the QR code by the phone.  The campaign resulted in an augmentation of on-line sales by 130% with the online consumers reaching up to a mark of 10,287.

‘Bud’, ‘Love’, ‘Toby’

Category: Radio


Agency: NET#WORK BBDO Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA

The campaign’s witty takes on issues like new friend, relationship and blood brotherhood catches the audiences ears in one go. The humour touch added to the commercial along with the product proposition of Mercedes-Benz with Lane Assist, comes bullet head through the campaign.

‘Heaven and Hell'

Category: Press

Advertiser: Samsonite

Agency: JWT Shanghai, China

This print ad created for Samsonite Cosmolite suitcase by JWT China, resonates the creative idea in a never-seen-before manner.  The ‘ultra-durability’ of the product is represented through its survival in Heaven as well as hell, making it apt for every passenger type including first class and economy class. An outstanding piece of art used for print ad outdoor campaign by the agency.

Category: Cyber

1 of 3 campaigns‘The Wilderness Downtown’

Advertiser: Google

Agency: Chris Milk Santa Monica, USA

In the name of its experiment for Chrome, Google partnered with the band Arcade Fire titled “The Wilderness Downtown”. This was not only a peep for interactive music video but simultaneously demonstrated the emerging power of the HTML5 programming technology. This tapped the viewer’s attention because of its emotional appeal as through the data extracted from Google Maps and Google Streetview, the user could integrate the visuals of its childhood home into narration.

2 of 3 campaigns ‘RESPONSE CAMPAIGN’

Advertiser: P & G

Agency: WIEDEN+KENNEDY Portland, USA

In the quest for moving a step ahead TV as a medium, W+K, created an interactive experience through which the consumers could actually communicate with the Old Spice Guy. The engagement exercise was immensely popular on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter making it as one of the most sought after interactive campaign.

3 of 3 campaigns ‘Pay with a Tweet’

Advertiser: Innovative Thunder

Agency: R/GA New York, USA

This particular campaign introduced the novice concept of paying through tweets or social mediums, giving birth to first social payment system, where people pay with the value of their social network. The campaign hit off with a release of a book titled, "Oh My God What Happened And What Should I Do?, converting  a promotion tactic as a new approach of trading online content.

‘The Cosmopolitan digital experience’

Category: Design

Advertiser: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Agency: Digital Kitchen, Chicago, USA

In order to break the clutter in marketplace of Las Vegas Hotels, and position ‘The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas’ as a luxurious pick, Digital Kitchen transformed the resort as a digital art gallery. The agency invented a narrative that passed through the poetic interpretations of life travels in an alluring way, enabling the visitor to customise it for special events like New Year, Christmas, Chinese New Year, etc. The opening of the hotel became as one of the most awaited in the Las Vegas.

‘Write the future’

Category: Film

Advertiser: NIKE


A star campaign that took the game of football, outside the field into player’s game in real life. It marks a celebration of the tournament through a messaging platform, bringing in light the ripple effect of the game. Through this campaign, W+K executed the spirit of sports accessories brands yet again, in an inspiring manner.

‘After Hours Athletes’

Category: Film Craft

Advertiser: PUMA

Agency: DROGA5 New York, USA

The TVC created for PUMA Social banked on the idea of an everyman is a hero by associating a common man as an athlete, running for its survival over small things. The term ‘After Hours Athletes’ beckons as a sponsor of all unsponsored athletes out there, making the campaign a fit to the pun side.


Category: Creative Effectiveness

Advertiser: PEPSICO

Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO London, UK

To escalate crisp’s consumption, the agency clubbed the idea of Sandwich along with wafers during breaks. This activity triggered off by a series of surprise celebrity-led events, leveraging mediums like PR, TV and online channels. Soon, the agency changed the mindset of the consumers and also tamed the retailers to place the two offings- crisps and sandwich together. The snack and beverage giant, PepsiCo, achieved revenue growth of 26%

‘See the person’

Category: Grand Prix For Good

Advertiser: SCOPE

Agency: Leo Burnett, Melbourne, Australia

This music video created by Leo Burnett for Not-for-profit organisation, Scope was made by teaming up with native rock band, ‘Rudely Interrupted’. This band was chosen, to spread the message of 'see the person, not the disability’, as five out of the six band members subsist with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. The video proved to be extremely inspirational among the masses.

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