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Animation film 5Ters- Castle of the Dark Master launched

Slated to be released on 8th July, the movie has as many as 1600 digital effects.

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | June 29, 2011

A group of maverick computer whiz kids decided to do create a live action-animation film with a difference. And by the time they were through with their ambitious project, what they had on their hands was a trendsetting film with as many as 1600 digital effects, titled 5ters - Castle of The Darkmaster. The fantasy is already being seen as the biggest attempt so far to integrate high-end computer technology in a feature film.

While most such events are a get-together for Bollywood stars, the launch hosted by Rajesh Kumar of Morphosys, Adinarayan and H Reddy  also saw a large number of computer animation experts making a beeline for the event. And by evening,   Juhu’s Sun-N-Sand, the venue for the launch was an interesting mix of computer geeks and celebrities including  Sudesh Bhosle, Soma Ghosh, sufi singer Mudasir Ali,  Siddhant Bhosle,  young Tashvin Patel, Vedant,  composer Nikhil,  actors  Ashish Sharma, Sheena Chohan, Rajesh Patel,  Pooja, Richa Sony,   producer Ajay Shewale and a host of others. And as soon as the trailer of India’s first mega live action animation began, the pin-drop silence proved that the stunning visual and computer graphics had had the desired effect.

Produced by Rajesh Kumar of Morphosys Information Pvt. Ltd., an animation studio which also runs the Morphosys Film Academy, 5ters - Castle of the Darkmasterboasts of 85% digital effects and a seamless amalgamation of VFX and live action. The film is a gripping journey - traversing the real and the imaginary world - undertaken by five kids. On a school trip, the kids get lost in the forest. They then get involved in various thrilling adventures, which finally give them a deep insight into their role and responsibility as the future of the world. The film stars well-known south Indian actor Avinash with five children with a background in theater.

“We wanted to make a film with computer graphics and animation on a scale never seen in India so far. And I can proudly say that with 5ters - Castle of the Darkmaster, we have successfully managed to do that. This is an initiative towards making technologically superior films, which I feel, India is fully capable of. And I hope that with 5ters
 setting the trend, more such films are attempted here,” said director G. Venugopal.

“Nobody believed we could pull this off and today I am proud to say that we have, thanks to our producer, Rajesh Kumar, who believed in our strength," said Vijayalakshmi NS, the writer, Associate Director and Digital production head of the film.

 is slated to be released on July 8 all over India.


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