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9XM hits reality game shows in “Bakwaas Ke Khiladi”

Starting today, the series takes Khatron Ke Khiladi head on along with other reality shows.

June 10, 2011:

After the tremendous success of entertaining series of Kaun Karega Bakwaas, Full Toss Bakwaas (Cricket Comedy), Bhoot hi Bakwaas (Horror Comedy), and Chal pakate hai (Funny cookery show!), Bade-Chote the cool animated dudes on 9XM, presents an innovative and entertaining daredevil series - “Bakwaas Ke Khiladi”, no points for guessing what this would be about!

Starting from 10th June 2011 the series Bakwaas Ke Khiladi will have the coolest team on television- Bade and Chote, entertaining the viewers with the performances and daredevil ‘mental’ stunts in their own nonsensical way.

“9XM has always entertained viewers through animated shows that have always been topical. So here we are once again with Bakwaas Ke Khiladi. If you thought sticking one’s face in a fish-tank filled with worms was challenging
then try keeping a straight face while Bade-Chote are out there cracking the most dangerous pjs known to mankind
now that’s a stunt!! Bakwaas Ke Khiladi guarantees to go beyond being a rib-tickler but a total rib-cracker through and through! So brace yourself for the biggest khatra of all, Bakwaas ka Khatra!” said Amar Tidke, Head of Programming, 9XM.


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