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Movie Review: Source Code

Short, not so complicated; brilliant imagination, flawless writing and engaging work by the director Duncan Jones.

Movie Review: Source Code

Short, not so complicated; brilliant imagination, flawless writing and engaging work by the director Duncan Jones.

By Jyotsna Kumar

God is the creator of our universe. Whatever happens happens according to his whims and fancies. Life, death, accidents, it all lies in his hands. This is the theory that we believe but this theory is now actively challenged by the new age cinema. Look at Matrix trilogy, Pandora in Avtaar, the ‘dream within dream’ theory of Inception and now a program that keeps you alive into another man’s body for a good eight minutes, a code called Source Code. Movies like these are nothing but’ pure work of fiction’ and are narrated so convincingly that you too want to challenge the theory.

Source Code is a magnificent work of imagination. The beauty of the film lies in its simple plot and its ‘not-so-complicated’ theory behind the code. The only thing which was a misfit or rather over the edge was America’s fascination with Afghanistan. The plot revolves around Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) who last checked in as U.S Army helicopter pilot in Afghanistan. With no recollection whatsoever he finds himself trapped in a code. A code that sends him on a mission to locate the bomber of a train which is headed to Chicago exploded and destroyed with no alive passenger on board. In his quest he finds himself sitting across from a woman called Christina Warren (Michelle Monaghan) who knew him as Sean Fentress, a teacher whom she met couple of times in this train. It takes a while for Colter to figure out that he’s into a program called Source Code, where, his mind is mapped into Sean’s body and he can take over him for only eight minutes. And during that course he has to find the bomber. Each time he fails, each time he’s sent back into the program.

Source Code is a gripping thriller. It pitches creativity to a level which is beyond imagination. Director Duncan Jones came out with such conviction with this plot that you end up being engrossed. His sincerity leaves no room for mockery. Looking into the technicalities the film scores maximum in the editing department. Visual effects are superb, meticulously done and sends chills down your spine every time there’s an explosion. The performances are restrained. You can read Jake Gyllenhaal’s frustration and confusion very clearly as Colter. You can empathize with Vera Farmiga’s dilemma as Air force Capt. Colleen Goodwin and the urgency of Jeffery Wright as Dr. Rutledge. The genuine love and affection of Michelle Monaghan as Christina towards Colter is endearing. All in all, flawless piece of writing and an engaging piece of work by the director Duncan Jones. If this is the beginning of the new age cinema then future certainly looks better.



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