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Mohit Joshi, Managing Partner, MPG India

Sharing his views for the sake of news, Mohit tells that with such content it is difficult to find audience loyalty and that’s the most prominent factor. He warns that today situation is bad and there should be self-regulation on the part of all major players. Read what he has exactly to say on the Hindi news scenario today.

Q) In your view, what should be the limit for the news channels to show comedy or reality or dramatized content in the primetime?

News channels should provide only credible news and not frivolous news, comedy etc - as is the case today.

Q) Does the deviation from the core proposition i.e. news help the channel in long run?

No, in the long run this will not help the news genre. It has been done to get short term attention, buzz and viewership on the platform.

However the equity of the news channels is slowly getting eroded due to this deviation from the core content.

Q) Do the advertisers ever think of content and so value the loyal audience concept?

Yes, very much. With the hyper fragmentation and too many 'me-too' channels and genres what is differentiating the good from the others is content and we as media consultants value the audience loyalty of a channel very much.

Even the advertisers look for loyal viewers so that their communication has higher probability of connecting with the audience

Q) Where do you see the trend to go in future? Is it alarming?

The situation today is bad -if not alarming. In my view all the content partners should together devise a strategy to manage this deviation. Unless there is a self-regulation on the part of all major players, this will never get corrected.

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