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Aaren Initiative rolls our OOH campaign for Nokia E7

Creates large outdoor LED screens at Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai airports to showcase the features of the phone.

Neha S | Delhi | May 2, 2011

Aaren Initiative, OOH arm of Lintas Media Group has rolled out an outdoor campaign for Nokia E7 business smartphone. Nokia E7 is based on the proposition “Success redefined”. So the strategy was to communicate this proposition to the relevant target audience by creating ‘larger than life opportunities’.

With the objective to reinforce Nokia E7 positioning as the all-in-one business smartphone by showcasing its key features, classy looks and stylish design, the agency selected 3 key airports of India.

At Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai airports, large outdoor LED screens showcasing the all new Nokia E7 were strategically placed at the chosen locations to attract the eyeballs of all the arriving passengers. The display was of a larger than life E7 replica on as big as a nearly 5000Sq.ft. site at Delhi where the LED of sizes as large as around 600Sq.ft. were used to run full length video of E7 throughout the day and night.

Very large outdoor LED screens with appropriate pitch were used as the E7 phone screens. The LED was masked with the casing of the phone and the phone’s keyboard done up as a 3D backlit cutout with halo effect. Reflective stickers were used to highlight the phone model. The complete display was put up from scratch and was done in record time.

Speaking on the campaign, Viral Oza, Marketing Director, Nokia said, “Nokia E7 is our latest offering in the smartphone segment. The focus of the OOH campaign was to play up the unique yet elegant design of the device and highlight the key features that allow consumers to multitask. The device is meant for a consumer who is always on the go and yet able to maintain a work/life balance, the airports seemed appropriate for the campaign as we were able to connect with the relevant TG.”

“We wanted to deliver quality innovation on a never before done scale in India for the launch. As we all know, it is never easy to do any kind of innovation in India and especially one that involves dynamic video content playing on a billboard! What made this even more challenging was the fact that the TG touch point of Airport was chosen. Airports not only were an expensive proposition to experiment on but were also fraught with umpteen security clearances and prohibitive rules. However, we managed to deliver many firsts.  Rarely do OOH specialist agencies take on and deliver turnkey projects of this scale and quality. This innovation came to life only because of the partnership spirit of Team Nokia who not only encouraged us to think out of the box but also gave us the opportunity to dare,” added Hemanth Shah, MD, Aaren Initiative.

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