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Prasoon Joshi: Don’t come to holiday destination for advertising festival

Agency heads looked disgusted by the low attendance at learning sessions?

This year, India’s biggest advertising and awards festival Goafest 2011 was extended to 5 days to focus more on learning and discussions which continued for all 5 days. On the final day of the festival today, there was a Knowledge Session with internationals speakers like Laurie Coots, CMO TBWA, Daniel Morrel, CEO Wunderman and John Hegarty, Chairman BBH. But it was unfortunate to see the low attendance when it comes to learning. Agency heads looked disgusted by the low attendance while Ambi MG Parameswaran, Executive Director & CEO, Draftfcb Ulka, heard saying that 30 of his agency people who're not around will be questioned. Further, a huge gathering of over 3,000 ad men and of course women too will witness the Creative Abbys awards to be held this evening but before that Neha S of got hold of Prasoon Joshi, Executive Chairman McCann Worldgroup India , Regional Creative Director Asia Pacific McCann Worldgroup, to check his nerves at the eleventh hour. Read the excerpts:

Q) Time for Creative Abbys now at Goafest 2011; so what are your expectations like? I think, the awards are like the byproducts of the good work. They are not the products. Its a festival and not a kushti and cheering good work.

Q) Any numbers in your mind? I have always said that its not a boxing ring. I don’t believe in numbers. Good work should be appreciated. The sales have already happened so it does not matter how many you win or lose. Q) What is your favourite work of McCann this year? I think Coca Cola Shadow campaign has been really good.

Q) Goafest has been a pool or may say beaches of controversies; what’s your take on this? I think fundamentally it should be about respect of advertising. I can see people now opening up their hearts and appreciating others’ work. You work for the client and if you win then it’s an icing on cake. But awards should not be the primary motive.

Q) How do you convey this message to the young breed? We need a larger platform or don’t come to a holiday destination like Goa. Q) It’s Piyush Pandey’s birthday today; your wishes for him? I have already wished him. We have already celebrated many of his birthdays and I wish him thousand years of life every time - not even a single day less than that.

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Comments (2)
  • natbohi- 9 years ago

    learning & discussion at ad fests ?!?!good joke !! ha ha ha !! ...forget it ... this is time for fun and frolic...after all the FAWN AND FROLICK WITH THE CLIENT...if you know what i mean don't waste time trying to turn a JOYSTICK into an EDUCATIONAL want sex education organise it in a class room...don't turn the bedroom into one!KEEP THE PEDANTS OUT OF THE WAY...ASK THEM TO RELAX...THEY SERIOUSLY NEED TO ...because they have so much fun on clients' money they feel a bit guilty they want to introduce some meaning into their FESTIVITIES..ask them to chill...clients are more then happy to have the ad types out of the way for 5 days...and ready to pay for it , too ! cheers...

  • natbohi- 9 years ago

    ambi's team was missing because it is still in celebration mode...hasn't gotten over its 50th year celebrations!1 also, prasoon should know that any destination where advtg fests are held ...including bound to become a holiday destination !!