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Exclusive interview with Raj Nayak on the future of AIDEM

Raj Nayak answers all the questions being raised over AIDEM’s future for the first time after joining as CEO of Colors.

The news about Raj Nayak’s joining Colors as its CEO is surely the biggest one among recent movements in Media. The news may be big for both Raj Nayak and Colors because Raj finds a more challenging and bigger opportunity as well as comfortable place after AIDEM Ventures lost its biggest client as NDTV group recently while the later finds a CEO within a month after its current CEO Rajesh Kamath put in his papers to join CA Media. But the development is termed as the biggest because it has left the industry shocked with many questions being raised on the future of a year old AIDEM and its more than 220 people.

Amidst all the speculations over the future of AIDEM, Raj Nayak speaks for the first time after taking over as Colors CEO exclusively with Read the full excerpts of the interview:

Q) What is the road ahead for AIDEM?

AIDEM is a professionally managed company where there are very senior industry professionals who are part of the management and they’ll definitely strategize on what is the way forward for AIDEM. As an organization AIDEM is fully committed to its employees and its business partners. And AIDEM will do everything in a way and manner that will take care of its stakeholders.

Q) In this case what will be the new organizational structure?

There’s a senior management team in place and they’ll deliberate between themselves and then one of them will take the mantle of leading the company and taking it forward.

Q) So, do you clear the air over the speculations that AIDEM will be closed down gradually?

Certainly, AIDEM will not be closed down even in future.

Q) Will you completely cut off from AIDEM?

I will completely cut off from AIDEM and will step down from the board of AIDEM because I can’t have a conflict of interest. On the part of handover, we are working on restructuring the whole arrangement. The new team of AIDEM will reengineer and restructure the whole company.

Q) Industry believes that Raj Nayak was the captain of the ship ‘AIDEM’ or in other words, AIDEM was Raj Nayak’s baby. How difficult was it to part ways with AIDEM Ventures?

AIDEM was just not meant by me, it was never intended to be a Raj Nayak company. It is a company that was put together by a bunch of professionals. I’d reiterate that our key focus is to make sure that the interests and welfare of employees and stakeholders are well taken care of. In business life, so many things and changes take place and we always find a way forward.

This was an opportunity that was quite interesting and challenging in a big way. I discussed it with my key members and they felt that this is something which I should take on. And, before taking this decision, I took all senior colleagues into confidence.

Q) Looking at the broader role and larger responsibility as a CEO of Colors, how do you see this opportunity?

It’s a very exciting team that I’m going to work with. They have done a fantastic job so far and they have built a foundation and I look forward to joining the team.

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