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Game has more twist & turns than India-Aus match: Abhishek Bachchan

After a bump of last year releases, Abhishek Bachchan is again upbeat about his latest stylish action thriller- Game. Inspired from Matt Damon's much talked about Hollywood trilogy Bourne Identity, the movie was initially titled as ‘Crooked’.  The film that has already hogged the limelight for its international appeal, foreign locales, big budget and attractive star casts also marks as the maiden project for the director- Abhinay Deo and the leading lady- Sarah’s Jane Dias.

Although these days he may be busy promoting his upcoming flick, but his recent yet brief stint of blazing the red carpet with his wife- Aishwarya Rai along with the ace film-maker Steven Spielberg, is one he can’t stop talking about. But here the actor divulges his challenge of living a drug king, the action sequences that set the adrenaline rush for him and his take on the ongoing cricket fever. Neha S of digs in to find what’s playing in Junior B’s mind....

Q) How easy or difficult was the portrayal of a ‘Drug Lord’ in the movie? It was a wonderful experience working on this film. We have shot in some wonderful locations including Bangkok, Mumbai, Greece and Istanbul.

Q) Last year you had two major releases- ‘Raavan’ and ‘Kheley hum jee jann se’, but both of the movies didn’t fare well at the box office? So what expectations do you have with this your upcoming release? I believe that every film that releases gives a boost to an actor’s career. Be it an upward or a downwards swing. But after shooting the film I am quite optimistic that it will not only be gulped down well by the audiences but will also benefit everyone related to it. Like it’s also Sarah’s (Jane Dias) and Abhinay’s ( Deo) first film. Thus I expect and hope to do it good for everyone.  I really want people to go and watch film as it is a nice product and audience will like it. Also, I have done some lovely action and romantic sequences.

Q) Your movie is realising on 1st April and coincides with three things- annual exams, the Cricket World Cup and the Indian Premier League. Does that make you nervous? Not really. I think the movie has got a wonderful weekend with a holiday of Gudiparva. And above all, if the movie is good, it will draw the audiences to the theatre on its own.

Q) How many twists and turns are there in the movie? There are definitely more twist and turns then they were in the India and Australia match last week.

Q) Your expectations from the ongoing cricket season? There’s only one expectation from team India that is just to play well and bring the world cup home.

Q) Your father said in a statement earlier that he is reluctant to see the cricket match at home, because whenever he does that, team India loses? Do you also believe so? No, there’s difference between me and my father. I don’t believe in any such superstition.

Q) You recently lend your voice for the movie ‘Dum Maaro Dum’? How was the experience? The experience was great. But to give more details on it, you will have to wait a little longer.

Q) Recently, you were spotted at lot of cricket stadiums, watching and cheering for the Indian team? Any such plans for the upcoming matches also? I would love to go to the Mohali match. But I am not sure, whether the tickets are available or not!

Q) Are you a gaming freak? I am not a freak but I enjoy playing video games. Although my profession does not give me the liberty of much time to spend on it but given a chance I always indulge in it.

Q) You think that you are an overrated actor? Yes. I think I have a very long way to go. Thus media has been very kind me to overrate me as an actor.

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  • awanijesh k- 10 years ago

    I think and hope Game should be able to reposition Abhishek Bachchan what i calculate after going thru promos. The fate of movie is on brighter side and interview is interesting and worth going thru, very honest explaining.....