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India & its Roller Coaster ride in the World Cup..!

It has been a tough battle between match channels and GECs so far; poised to intensify with quarterfinals from today.

Rajat Arora | Delhi | March 23, 2011

As we head to the Quarterfinals of World Cup 2011, it’s getting exciting day by day…! The ball-by-ball viewership study by overnight rating agency shows a tough battle off the ground but on-air between match channels and general entertainment channels. With the start of quarter-finals today, the battle will surely intensify further.

India Vs West Indies on 20th March had a curious element involved of the quarterfinals finish – as expected Indian cricket lovers turned up to watch the match it scored Average Rating of 4.12. It was very interesting to watch the involvement moving between the Match and GEC’ channels, when the match started it dominated the viewing pattern as India was Batting, during the Break GEC’s came on par with the World Cup channels, later on during the last hour of the match when India started taking wickets and a winning looked possible, Audiences again picked up their remote and tuned in the World Cup channels, so it was a battle not just between India & West Indies but also the World Cup channels and the GECs.

It’s getting exciting day by day and it was proven once again by the India West Indies match as it was viewed by 49.1 Million people & certainly the India West Indies match featured amongst the top matches in the world cup along with India South Africa which 51.5 Million people viewed because it was the Top 2 World Cup contenders.

However it was the India England encounter which not only made the streets empty across the town but was also seen by a whooping 72.6 Million cricket lovers in India.

Also the ratings have been in favor of India matches, the peak ratings throughout the world cup have been the highest for India matches.

When India battled against England - the match peaked at 9.62 (it’s as big and as high as it can get or one can ask for) also it was at a time when Nehra was bowling the final decisive Over, but other matches also scored very good especially India South Africa encountering peak ratings of 8.01 at the end of the match when the Africans made sure victory was snatched from India’s hand.

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